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Les Miserables

February 19, 2013


Inspired by the lady of AMT246, here we are on a field trip to see the film of Les Miserables.

Les Mis

It’s not bad, although we really couldn’t sit through it another 956 times.


further adventures in icing

February 12, 2013


We’re still not tired of you testing the linguistic boundaries of Thorntons’ bespoke icing policy.

This post features RUDE WORDS ON CHOCOLATE, so click through to see the rest of it. (more…)

chocolate rain (of rude words)

February 4, 2013



We knew we could count on you to send us sweary Thorntons products, you bunch of chocolate-loving pottymouths! This has to be one of the best slews of feedback we have ever had. It also contains Swear Words so the rest of the post is after the jump. (more…)

No! Can it be…

January 30, 2013

…a glass-fronted dishwasher???

Olly dishwasher


(If you’re wondering why we’re featuring household appliances with such enthusiasm, swot up on AMT243.)



March 8, 2012


Unofficial AMT paparazzo Mat wired us this rare sighting:

Spotted in, of all places, Wall Street, New York, US of your actual A, while I was helping fifteen Performing Arts students traipse around the city on a college trip. I’m all about the boots, myself.

Sadly the boots are off-brand, but if you want a similar bag for yourself, click here. They’re very sturdy, waterproof, and so bright and noticeable that you may well find yourself having your privacy invaded while you take a tour of the financial centres of the world.


AMT: available on the Wii, PS3 and Xbox

February 1, 2012


Josh has designed the packaging above, but lacks a product to go in it. He asks:

If there was a real Answer Me This! game, what would you do in it?

Probably just sit on our arses, like in real life. Not exciting enough? Erm, how about extra points for using the least amount of physical movement to make a cup of tea, go to the toilet, find the TV remote then return to the sofa?

Alright then, readers, it’s over to you: go to the comments and describe the ideal AMT game, and we’ll have a word with our friends at Square Enix to see if they can produce it in time for Christmas.


Gallery of Munt

December 8, 2011

One of the problems which arose in interviewing our Special Guests for AMT200 is that those people were witness to our most hideous, embarrassing, shameful years. Worse, they have visual evidence.

Enter, if you dare, the Gallery of Munt!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Send us a birthday card! Click here for the postal address

verticals schmerticals

July 20, 2011

** Click here for Episode 183 **

In AMT183, my brother tried to translate the businesspeak term ‘verticals’ into a recognisable concept, yet my argot-lite brain refused to compute. Thankfully I now have pictoral aids from Chris from Cardiff, Australia:

Based on my rudimentary knowledge of business jargon (from Year 12 Business Studies), my understanding of “verticals” is thus:

A “vertical” is, much like Martin and Olly suggested, a broad term for the different “genres” of businesses in the marketplace. I think one of the easiest ways to explain vertical and horizontal businesses is using a graphical analogy for wheat.

In the diagram, the vertical lines represent some of the different commercial functions of wheat. Each dot on the line represents a different point in the process between the raw material and the finished product. The processing business (marked with the red line) is able to sell its services horizontally to the different lines of use, thus expanding its market potential. The processing needed for wheat to become suitable for bread (pre-milling) is marginally different to the processing for wheat to be suitable for use in a distillery, so the business can expand over multiple markets.

Much of the time, a big business in the main markets will buy out the businesses or facilities which perform the different tasks on the vertical axis, this is called vertical integration.

So, in short, “verticals” are the general markets which a business can sell its services to.

Thanks, Chris. I will try to work the term into a sentence today.

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NSFW, not safe for ANYWHERE

July 19, 2011

** Click here for Episode 183 **

Hey! Remember that guy in AMT181 who called in having stapled his testicles to a copy of the Keith and the Girl book and claimed he had video evidence?

He has provided us with the video evidence.

Before you watch it, let us remind you that it is a video of a man stapling his testicles to a book, so prepare yourselves for the sight of a man stapling his testicles to a book. Click through to view the rest of this post if that is something you actually wish to see, but think carefully about your decision beforehand, because once seen, it cannot be unseen. (more…)

Captain Hook

May 24, 2011

Our new series starts on 26th May.
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Answer Me This!

Watch your step with this email from Sam from Preston:

ive attached a photocopy of the X-ray I had done yesterday after I managed to fall over and stand on a bag of wool and get a crochet hook rammed into my heel.

that's gotta hurt

Eurgh! All my crafting accidents have been the result of reckless scissor-handling or freehand scalpel-work; I never realised a wealth of danger lurked at the head of a crochet hook. Sam continues:

Please answer me this: what’s the stupidest/most embarrassing thing you have done that required medical treatment?

I think we’re all familiar with Olly’s not-even-doing-any-skiing skiing accident (if not, revise AMT173). Everyone else may go to the comments and tell us of their own non-fatal stupid accidents, because it’s entirely fine to exploit other people’s pain for our entertainment.

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Meet The Zaltzwicks

May 1, 2011

So, Helen and Martin got married last weekend.

I’ve been waiting to blog about it because I was waiting for the right photos. These beauties were taken by Rick, Helen’s brother, and only emailed to me today. He was lugging around a camera the size of a labrador at the wedding, so I’d suspected they would be worth waiting for.


It was a really charming event, perhaps the loveliest wedding I’ve ever been to, and VERY Helen and Martin. They were super-relaxed – greeting guests as we arrived at the service, rather than making a grand entrance, and cracking jokes throughout – and the grub was a slap-up home-made afternoon tea, washed down with a LOT of pink champagne (they’re not drinkers). Oh, and a fish and chip van at 11pm. And a cheeseboard. Awesome.

The ceremony was al fresco, in a beautiful park in Kent (alongside a craft fair and fete – and even a meet-and-greet with celebrity porkchop PEPPA PIG!), but luckily the rain held back for the ceremony, despite hilarious and dramatic thunderclaps as the happy couple made their way down the aisle. Well, if you are going to have a resolutely secular wedding at Easter time, God will make His feelings known…

Back at the Zaltzman family pile, there were cracking tributes by various folks including friends-of-the-podcast Alex Thomas and Andy Zaltzman, but, it must be said, Helen and Martin’s dads pulled off the funniest speeches of the night.

Helen and Martin are now on honeymoon somewhere in the States, no doubt listening to discordantly intellectual audiobooks as they speed down the highway, stopping frequently to photograph funny road signs, or further snapshots of Martin sucking yet another ice lolly that looks a bit like a penis. They claim not to yet know what their new surname will be, but for me – as for all true AMT! fans – they will be Forever Zaltzwick.

Well done, chaps.

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Illustrated podcast

June 1, 2010

** Click here for Episode 137 **

Let’s take a quick break from all these words to admire a couple of pictures sent in by two listeners.

'Team AMT' by James

'Answer Me This!' by Stephen

Lovely work, gentlemen; worthy additions to the AMT Gallery, the rest of which you can see HERE. And, if the fancy takes you, send in your own AMT artworks to be hung on our virtual walls!

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