NSFW, not safe for ANYWHERE


** Click here for Episode 183 **

Hey! Remember that guy in AMT181 who called in having stapled his testicles to a copy of the Keith and the Girl book and claimed he had video evidence?

He has provided us with the video evidence.

Before you watch it, let us remind you that it is a video of a man stapling his testicles to a book, so prepare yourselves for the sight of a man stapling his testicles to a book. Click through to view the rest of this post if that is something you actually wish to see, but think carefully about your decision beforehand, because once seen, it cannot be unseen.

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16 Responses to “NSFW, not safe for ANYWHERE”

  1. Grimm Says:

    Been there. Done that.

  2. Richard Wiggins Says:


  3. Finlay Says:


  4. Harley Says:

    I lasted thirty-one seconds.

  5. James Lazenby Says:

    It looks like he has specially constructed ball exposing pants. If only teh staple had cut his vas deferens and prohibited him from breeding… selection of the fittest isn’t as fit as it should be.

  6. Jack McDonald (@jackmackalack) Says:

    I thought there’d be blood. Not a gushing waterfall, just a bit.

  7. Adam Clancey Says:

    That’s one place you don’t want an infection…

  8. Mister Tom Says:

    Does seem premeditated..

  9. Garry from Sussex Says:


    No, that’s definitely a coxless pair that is.

  10. Dean Says:

    makes me winch everytime i watch it!!!!

  11. kieran Says:

    I feel older

  12. Adam Says:

    Amateur Jackass.

  13. Kate Knight Says:

    Awww I clicked too late, it’s been removed by Youtube. That’s my day ruined (unless anyone cares to provide me with a reenactment?) 🙂

  14. David Says:

    Pass me the eye bleach

  15. Kathleen Winter Says:

    Gross!!! Is he dickless? Coz that’s what it looks like to me!

    • helenzaltzman Says:

      not that we’ve studied the footage or anything, but it looks like he’s taped up his penis out of harm’s way. Which suggests that this was, for some reason, not a spontaneous act. Perhaps Keith and the Girl were running a ‘Staple your balls to a copy of our book’ contest.

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