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Episode 334: Glastonbury, the Genius Bar and the Price of Bricks

Episode 333: Buckingham Palace, Key Parties and Kestrels

Episode 332: Stepping on Snails, Skeuomorphs and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Episode 331: Lads’ Mags, Cereal Toys and Blue Rinses

Episode 330: Butlers, Boxing and Bubbles

The Best of AMT 2015

Episode 329: Loyalty, Christmas Truthers, and the Shitting Uncle

Episode 328: NaNoWriMo, Boxes of Chocolates and Snooping on Christmas Presents

Episode 327: The Weeknd, Veggie Weddings and Greek Wine

Episode 326: Crying, Gogglebox, and the Haka Dance

Episode 325: Circus Music, Submersibles and Tom from MySpace

Episode 324: Eggstraction, Disney Jail, and Boners

Episode 323: Snail Purging, Gondolas, and Macho Peas

Episode 322: Selfie Stick Deaths, Hair Transplants and Phone A Friend

Episode 321: XXX Parents, Networking and Bad Blood

Episode 320: Romcoms, Red Velvet Cake, and Your Local Munch

Episode 319: Dominatrix Days Out, Glitter, and Paul Simon Says

Episode 318: Juliet’s Balcony, Bluetooth and The Snip

Episode 317: Multiplexes, the Peace Symbol and the D-Box

Episode 316: Hypothetically Dead Flatmates, Actually Alive Mike Oldfield, and Quinoa

Episode 315: Goatees, Jazz Dabs and Getting a Stonk On

Episode 314: Tinfoil Hats, Stealing from Castles, and Giraffe Heads

Episode 313: Love on an Escalator, Political Posters and Poogatory

Episode 312: Jobs in Antarctica, Yog(h)(o)urt, and Small Manparts

Episode 311: Buddha, Starbucks and the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Episode 310: Brownies, Crisps and the Jurassic Park Ballet

Episode 309: Baked Bean Baths, Gotham and Melanie Griffith’s Lion

Episode 308: Pink Hair, Sleeping Naked and Tom Jones’s Knickers

Episode 307: Happy Meals, Grumpy Cat and Coconuts

Episode 306: Ainsley Harriott, Colleagues on Tinder, and Chicken Kiev

Episode 305: Stolen Olives, Men with Tiny Feet, and Chicken and Egg


Episode 304: Roller Derby, Baby Models and the Swiss Cheese Pervert

Episode 303: Dewey Decimals, Sexy Cheese and Disney Turkey Legs

Episode 302: Supermarket Sweep, Pet Funerals and Paperboys

Episode 301: Rock Circus, Hooters and the Chippendale Murders

Episode 300!!!

Episode 299: Hitchhikers, Playgrounds, and your Husband’s Secret Personal Trainer

Episode 298: Henry Hoover, ‘Uptown Girl’ and Being Shot In The Balls

Episode 297: Sea Monkeys, Peppers and ‘Gobbing in the Pot’

Episode 296: The Great British Bake Off, Ballet and Gromit

Episode 295: Freshers’ Week, The Genetic Lottery, and Human Meat

Episode 294: Bowling Shoes, Pole Vault and Nude Sunbathing

Episode 293: Viagra, Dead Rockstars and Horny Warlords

Episode 292: McDonald’s Marriages, Toaster Trouble and Raccoon Poop

Episode 291: Bank Robbery, The Pope on Holiday, and Craig David’s Toffee Crisps

Episode 290: Headphones, Groupon Dates, and Victoria Beckham

Episode 289: Americana, Pret a Manger, and what Ladies Do in the Bathroom

Episode 288: Communion Wafers, The $64,000 Question and the Mussels from Brussels

Episode 287: Hello Kitty, Snooze Buttons and Human Statues

Episode 286: Oktoberfest, Castles and the First Ever Naughty Film

Episode 285: Saloons, Natalie Imbruglia, and Magnolia

Episode 284: Ice Skating, Seal and Men Wearing Ladies’ Knickers

Episode 283: Bruno Mars, the Duracell Bunny, and the sex life of Mr and Mrs Pepperpot

Episode 282: Mastermind, Coriander and Coffins

Episode 281: Ice Sculptures, Pubs and Cat Litter

Episode 280: Tinder, Men’s Fashion and the Zoltar Machine

Episode 279: Hangovers, Grandparents and Stage Magic

Episode 278: Action Man, RomComs and Marmite

Episode 277: The Millennium Bug, Godparents and Pissing With Celebs

Episode 276: Pound Shops, Movember and Facts About Birmingham

Episode 275: The Colosseum, the British Museum and Helen Daniels’s Paintings

Episode 274: Bourbon Biscuits, Scandal and Pat Sharp’s Fun House

Episode 273: Planet Names, Michelin Guides and Rap Battles

Episode 272: Brie vs Camembert, Typical Aliens, and Bounty Bars

Episode 271: Elvis Lives (or doesn’t), Cupcake Wars and the Parliamentary Mace

Episode 270: Ostrich Eggs, Gorilla Balls and Zombies

Episode 269: Troll Dolls, Murder Houses and Cats’ Bums

Episode 268: Noah’s Ark, Glacé Cherries and Barry Scott

Episode 267: Spiders, Father’s Day and Virginity

Episode 266: The Queen’s Gynaecologist, Backyard Burials, and Boob Jobs

Episode 265: Amazon, Straitjackets and Chips with Gravy

Episode 264: Skee-Lo, Dead Dogs and Picnics

Episode 263: Steampunks, le Tour de France, and ROYAL BABY MADNESS

Episode 262: Ice Cream Vans, Baseball Caps and the Wrath of the Hoff

Episode 261: Iced Coffee, Wimbledon and the Stoicism of Sheep

Episode 260: Helium, Red Bull and Dressing to the Left

Episode 259: Coke Bottles, Gentlemen’s Clubs and Desert Island Luxuries

Episode 258: Plant-Murder, Presents for Presidents, and Dumbo

Episode 257: Google Doodles, Polling Stations and Magpies

Episode 256: Sea Lions, Hot Tubs and Dead Ducks

Episode 255: Volvos, Bangs and the end of JLS

Episode 254: Space Food, Artex and Goat Lungs

Episode 253: Refreshers, Dead Rats and Giving People Wood

Episode 252 with special guest Isy Suttie

Episode 251: Wikipedia, Morning Sickness and Arsenic in the Walls

Episode 250: Pizza Delivery, Fluffy Dice and the Pope’s Sauna

Episode 249: The Fugitive, Umbrellas and Sweet and Sour Pork Balls

Episode 248: Google Glass, Flu Camp and London, Ontario

Episode 247: Corgis, Armageddon and Bedroom Antics

Episode 246: Les Miserables Obsessions, Fortune-Teller Fish and Tongues

Episode 245: Smells, Bouquets and Annie Lennox

Episode 244: Gherkins, Stolen Potatoes and Simon versus Garfunkel

Episode 243: Bow Ties, Monopoly and Onesies

Episode 242: Baby Photos, Diners and Fairground Goldfish

Episode 241: Grand Designs, Conception and Jools Holland

Episode 240: Doughnuts, Bookshops, and Andy Warhol’s Wig

Episode 239: Skydiving, Australian Christmas, and Spying on your Kids

Episode 238: Childbirth, TGI Friday’s and Chico Time

Episode 237: Milkshake, Twix and Cousin Sex

Episode 236: Wet Bars, Flamenco and 1650-Year-Old Wine

Episode 235: James Bond’s Martinis, Horse Fluffers and Appendectomies in Antarctica

Episode 234: Citizen Kane, the Rolling Stones’ Hair, and Hercule Poirot’s Pants

Episode 233: Divas, the Industrial Revolution, and Sporks

Episode 232: Personal Massagers, Maths Cheats and Hotel Bathrooms

Episode 231: Pringles, Baby Showers and Special K

Episode 230: Court Artists, One Direction and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Episode 229: The Tooth Fairy, Tom and Jerry, and Digestive Biscuits

Episode 228: Bryan Adams, Bizarre B&Bs and Angela Lansbury

Episode 227: Vatican Olympians, Carbonara and Zooey Deschanel

Episode 226: Captain Hook, Pyrotechnics and the Return of Gordon Ramsay

Episode 225: Timbuktu, Danny Boyle, and the Phantom of the Opera

Episode 224: Caffeine, Kissing and the Women’s Institute

Episode 223: Cain and Abel, Curry Houses, and that bitch Tinkerbell

Episode 222: Brighton, Battersea Power Station, and Fudge

Episode 221: The Owl and the Pussycat, Bridesmaids and Pole Dancing

Episode 220: Spin the Bottle, Salad and the Electric Chair

Episode 219: Bomb Shelters, Ceefax, and Saucy Playing Cards

Episode 218: Teletubbies, Embarrassing Bodies and Fifty Shades of Grey

Episode 217: Sunburn, Chinos and Singin’ In the Milk

Episode 216: Keeping Up Appearances, Non-Alcoholic Beer, and Grapes

Episode 215: Monks, LMFAO and Footballers’ Hair

Episode 214: Downing Street, Superglue and Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Episode 213: Mounted Police, Greek Yoghurt, and Steve Jobs Style

Episode 212: Agas, Leonard Nimoy and Glorious Technicolor

Episode 211: Pirate Weddings, Sexy Bumblebees, and Müller Yogurt

Episode 210: Sham Marriage, Giant Sculptures and Rockstars vs. Televisions

Episode 209: Trojans, Hearses and Christian Barbecues

Episode 208: Big Bird, Toothpaste and the Earl of Sandwich

Episode 207: Ping-Pong, Gabrielle’s Eyepatch, and Babyccino

Episode 206 with special guest Jackie Mason

Episode 205: Scarecrows, Traffic Lights and Naked Shame

Episode 204: Inspector Morse, TV Weather, and Accidental Sexting

Episode 203: Horrible Fiancés, Apples and Bowler Hats

Episode 202: Leap Years, Teddy Boys and Andy McNab

Episode 201: Fry and Laurie, Moon Ownership, and Ready Steady Cook

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Episode 200: Bumper Bicentennial Bonanza

Episode 199: Toasters, Nicki Minaj, and Church for Dogs

Episode 198: Whigfield, Quasar and Death by Chocolate

Episode 197: Sex Pistols, Garfield and Fish Pedicures

Episode 196: David Attenborough, Flapjacks, and Irish Dancing

Episode 195: Beefeaters, Cocktails and Songs About Self-Love

Episode 194: High Tea, Going For Gold and Naughty Nuns

Episode 193: Holy Water, Charity Shops and The Cloud

Episode 192: Butternut Squash, Big Ears, and the Yellow Brick Road

Episode 191: Product Placement, Rihanna Navy and the Golden Syrup Lion

Episode 190 with special guest Jon Ronson

Episode 189: Green Man Festival, the Fat Controller, and Batman’n’Catwoman’s baby

Episode 188: The Wanted, Ibiza and a year’s supply of Pizza Hut

Episode 187: Fruit Machines, the Edinburgh Festival, and NKOTB

Episode 186: Owl City, Archery and St Pancras

Episode 185: Killer Whales, Toy Story Toys and Ebeneezer Goode

Episode 184: Cher Lloyd, Compensation Culture and The Simpsons

Episode 183: Shakespeare in Love, Freebie Five Lists, and Christmas in July

Episode 182: Jaws, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Wetherspoons Trainer Snobs

Episode 181: Honey, Sausages and Sexy Jews

Episode 180: Lady Godiva, Seaside Rock, and Stage Hypnosis

Episode 179: Glenn Miller, Ruth Badger, and Dane Bowers’ Toe

Episode 178: McPizza, Buzz Aldrin’s Pants, and the Goat of Lust

Episode 177: Space Tourism, Smoking Leonardo DiCaprio, and Parliamentary Privilege

Episode 176: Pringles, Plaid, and Pubescent Parties

Episode 175: Parkour, Ben Chaplin, and Mail-Order Brides

Episode 174: Tony Blair’s Fortune, Paul O’Grady’s Barbie Dolls, and Catherine Zeta Jones’s Box

Episode 173: Birthday Bumps, iPods and Outside Toilets

Episode 172: Tasteless T-Shirts, Gay Icons, and the Giant Koala

Episode 171: Cinderella’s Shoes, William Wordsworth, and Fifteen To One

Episode 170: Amateur Detectives, Unexploded Bombs, and Fancy-Dress Football

Episode 169: Milton Keynes, DIY Fishfingers, and Waxworks’ Wangs

Episode 168: Oscar Frocks, Poisoned Apples, and News in Briefs

Episode 167: London Bridge, Juries, and Where’s Waldo?

Episode 166: The Crown Jewels, Bouncy Castles, and James Bond’s STDs

Episode 165: S Club 7, Saturday Kitchen, and Prince Albert

Episode 164: Downton Abbey, Noisettes and Bat Guano

Episode 163: Chico, Tutus, and the Tiny Wangs of Statues

Episode 162: Witches’ Hats, Ivy League, and Adult Milkybars

Episode 161: Aqua-Aerobics, Winnie-the-Pooh, and Soup

Episode 160: Celebrity Chins, Santa’s Reindeer, and Halle Berry’s Bottom

Episode 159: Cybersquatting, Laser Eye Surgery, and Pissing Like a Racehorse

Episode 158: Wills’n’Kate, Beauty Spots, and the Love Life of Pudsey Bear

Episode 157: Cryonics, David McAlmont, and Toilet Reading

Episode 156: Hercules, Home Economics, and Leopard-Print Leotards

Episode 155: Red Herrings, Nuts Magazine, and Motley Crue’s Eggy Crotches

Episode 154: Nigella’s Fake Friends, Scream IV, and Chocolate Fountains

Episode 153: 7 Up, Twins, and Roald Dahl’s The Witches

Episode 152: Ampersands, Suits, and Terry’s Chocolate Apples

Episode 151: Paul Daniels, Childhood Dreams, and Rubber Chickens

Episode 150: the Hogwarts Express, Mein Kampf, and Postman Pat’s New Job

Episode 149 with special guest Ian Collins

Episode 148: Serving Suggestions, Bumper Cars, and the Tepid Romance of the BT Couple

Episode 147: Countdown, Babe the Musical, and Builders’ Tea

Episode 146: The Sims, Ice Cream Vans, and the Corby Trouser Press

Episode 145: Nice Biscuits, Police Pandering, and Zoo Death

Episode 144: Dirty Martinis, Bawdy Britney, and Skates’ Privates

Episode 143: Sperm Whales, Groundhog Day, and Blue Plaques

Episode 142: Michel Gondry, Semicolons and Neighbours

Episode 141: Jazz, the Wisdom of Footballers, and the Best Miss Marple

Episode 140: The Magnetic Fields, Siberian Husky Dogs, and Prunes

Episode 139: Sauron, Turkey Eggs, and Chambourcy Hippopotamousse

Episode 138: Sushi, Shivah and life lessons learnt from Megan Fox

Episode 137: Knightmare, Top of the Pops, and the Voice of the Balls

Episode 136: Foxes, Fishes and ‘Forever Young’

Episode 135: James Dyson, Filet-O-Fish, and Clean Katie Melua

Episode 134: Diaries, Dinosaurs, and the Empire State Building

Episode 133: Hamlet, Snow Globes and Cybersex

Episode 132: with special guest Andy Zaltzman out of The Bugle podcast and Helen’s gene pool

Episode 131: Bloody Mary, Guns N’Roses and the Balls of Justin Bieber

Episode 130: Tuna, Buskers and Skeletons in the Closet

Episode 129: Sideburns, Sharon Stone and Mensa

Episode 128: Marathons, Bowling, and the Royal Television

Episode 127: Snoop Dogg, Pasties and American Psycho

Episode 126: Velvet Underground, Mr Blobby, and Turkish Delight

Episode 125: Sugababes, Boney M and Naughty Witches

Episode 124: Bunny Boilers, Hugs and True Blood

Episode 123: Proposals, Pinocchio and Swinging

Episode 122: Red Carpets, Taste Buds and Train Sex

Episode 121: Sharks, Lolita and Welsh Rarebit

Episode 120: Jigsaws, Rihanna and Sir Cliff Richard

Episode 119: World Records, Wrestling and Made-Up Girlfriends

Episode 118: Peter Pan, Red Dwarf and Cousin Sex

Episode 117: Fireworks, Crap Presents and Andrew Lincoln

Episode 116: Fishing, Hugh Laurie and Stingy Jack

Episode 115: Mexian Waves, Antoni Gaudi and War Games Club

Episode 114: D.H. Lawrence, Jukeboxes and Sean Kingston

Episode 113: Riders, Party Games and Sylvia Plath

Episode 112: Limes, Depression and David Beckham’s Voice

Episode 111: Girls’ Bikes, Adult Cinema and Alien Abduction

Episode 110: Stag Nights, Pimp My Ride and The Magician’s Nephew

Episode 109: Celebrity Pongs, Party Monsters, and Gunge-Covered Andy Crane

Episode 108: Money, the Mile High Club, and Sinitta

Episode 107: Dogging, Zombies and Rotten Fish-Bits

Episode 106: Surnames, Shag Palaces, and feeding the Jonas Brothers to a dragon

Episode 105: Noah’s Ark, Fingerprints and Girls Aloud

Episode 104: Organ Donation, Double Beds, and Punch and Judy

Episode 103: Revenge, Human Hair and the Royal Condoms

Episode 102: Onions, The Sixth Sense and the Peasenhall Pea Festival

Episode 101: Mr Kipling, Wedding Napkins and Room 101

Episode 100: Live Centenary Extravaganza at the iTunes Festival

Episode 99: Balls, Apple Pie and Stanley Kubrick’s Stationery

Episode 98: Big Bands, Evil Flatmates and the Tall Tales of Ben Folds

Episode 97: Peacocks, The Prisoner and the Albert Hall

Episode 96: Burgers, Judges’ Wigs and the Physics Olympiad

Episode 95: Watergate, The Wicker Man, and Upstaging the New York Dolls

Episode 94: Miley Cyrus, Hot Dogs and Rushmore

Episode 93: Fortune Cookies, Dentists and Katy Perry

Episode 92: Lobsters, E.T. and the Best Jews Ever

Episode 91: P!nk, Gloria Hunniford and Egg on Your Face

Episode 90: Brian Dowling, Slot Machines and Slash

Episode 89: Tequila, Quentin Willson and the Olsen Twins

Episode 88: Venison, Stanmore and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

Episode 87: Twitter, Dirty Dancing and Toy Hammers

Episode 86: Arrested Development, Make-Up for Men, and Lady Wives

Episode 85: Johnny Onion, Saxophone Music and the Four Corners of the Globe

Episode 84: Renee Zellweger, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs and special guest Josie Long

Episode 83: Roy Orbison, Shami Chakrabarti and Fifteen to One

Episode 82: Lightbulbs, Love and Kevin Spacey

Episode 81: Clive Anderson, Little Women and that song from Prince of Egypt

Episode 80: Elves, Argos and Secret Santa

Episode 79: Bugsy Malone, Computer Games and Bras

Episode 78: Sheffield, Queen Kylie and the Weekly World News

Episode 77: Laughter, Juggling and Dick Van Dyke

Episode 76: Space Hoppers, New Zealand and Holly Hunter’s Jugs

Episode 75: Mary Poppins, Hats and Bee Sex

Episode 74: Boybands, Pink Socks and the Mona Lisa

Episode 73: Kathleen Turner, Pranks and Ladybird Milk

Episode 72: Michelle Branch, Global Hypercolour and the Best Hard Cheeses in the World

Episode 71: Pretty Woman, Marshmallows, and Orgiastic Sea-Mammals

Episode 70: Gnomes, Jackie Mason, and the Queen’s Chewing Gum

Episode 69: Billy Joel, Spin the Bottle, and Buddhism for Kids

Episode 68: The Supremes, Gay Ghosts and Randy Teens

Episode 67: Sue Barker, Gingerness and Leotards

Episode 66: Ham, ‘Radio Gaga’ and Sugared Almonds

Episode 65: Neediness, Uranus, and Kevin Spacey

Episode 64: Rubber Ducks, Chicken Wings and Grandmothers

Episode 63: GCSEs, Perfect Wives and Draining Charles Dickens

Episode 62: Cider, Bill Gates and Split-Crotch Bloomers

Episode 61: Nerds, Feet and the Flintstones

Episode 60: Kidney Curry, Reese’s Pieces, and Jared Leto’s Dungarees

Episode 59: Joan Collins, Piggy Banks, and Radiohead – The Musical

Episode 58: The Bluetones, French Cheese and Tom Cruise as Disney Hero

Episode 57: Proteins, Theme Tunes, and David Gray’s Mooncups

Episode 56: Meat Loaf, Veganism and Mouse Murder

Episode 55: Lucozade, Los Angeles and Liz Hurley

Episode 54: Blue Peter, Nina Simone, and Stupid Kittens

Episode 53: Blondeness, Brine and the Sandman

Episode 52: Kohlrabi, Soft Toys, and Elton John’s Mum

Episode 51: Speedos, Boobs and Michael Winner

Episode 50: Blue Ice, Skins and the Octodog

Episode 49: Twin Peaks, Ronald McDonald, and Wile E. Coyote

Episode 48: John Candy, Badgers and Young Einstein

Episode 47: Sylvester Stallone, Tina Turner and Dr Ruth

Episode 46: Goths, Biscuits and Vera Lynn

Episode 45: Haircuts, Sweeties and Jimmy Nail

Episode 44: Vikings, Friendship and Richard Dawkins

Episode 43: Hannibal Lecter, Dumbledore and Steve Lamacq

Episode 42: Coke Zero, Will Smith, and Live 8

Episode 41: Haribo, The Princess Bride, and Kanye West’s Shirt

Episode 40: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dr Who and Fame in Luxembourg

Episode 39: French Lessons, Lesbian Labradors, and Eunuchs

Episode 38: Unlucky Number 13, Macy Gray and the US Presidential Elections

Episode 37: Young Love, Hip-Hop and Pappy’s Fun Club

Episode 36: Mr Blobby, Will.I.Am, and David Beckham’s Balls

Episode 35: James Blunt, Smarty-Arty and Malibu

Episode 34: Olive Oil, Olive Oyl and the Sex and the City Movie

Episode 33: Macbeth, New Words and Bearded Babies

Episode 32: Facts, Astrology and the Monet of Teeth

Episode 31: Bearsuits, Romance and Kate Nash

Episode 30: Shakespeare, Mouthwash and Another Level

Episode 29: John Major, Dot Cotton and Fake Leather Trousers

Episode 28: Calvin Klein, PE Teachers and the Great Pizza Swindle

Episode 27: John Leslie, Booze and Barbie Cake

Episode 26: Fifty Cent, Eggy Mess and the Dystopian Future

Episode 25: Slapstick, Irn Bru, and Geri Halliwell’s Boobs

Episode 24: Dave Pearce, Jeremy Beadle, and the Netherlands

Episode 23: X Factor, Mr Bean and Owl Porn

Episode 22: Playing God, Supertramp and the People’s Princess

Episode 21: R Kelly, Chiltern FM and Alphabetti Spaghetti

Episode 20: Jesus, Bill Oddie and the Mozart of Madras

Episode 19: Snoop Dogg, Mark Lawson and Starship

Episode 18: Facebook, Leisuresuit Larry and Mitchell & Webb

Episode 17: Gambling, Chicken and ITV Play

Episode 16: Champagne, Sandi Toksvig and the Secrets of the Top 40

Episode 15: Woody Allen, Devil Worship, and Impressing Barry Norman

Episode 14: Dogtanian, Babies and the Lynx Effect

Episode 13: The Hand of Madonna, Spots and Fisherman’s Friends

Episode 12: Home Taping, Windy Britney Spears, and Hummus

Episode 11: Phobias, Childhood Shame, and Joss Stone

Episode 10: Queen Victoria, Squirrels and Cute Christopher Biggins

Episode 9: Cheese, After Eights and Jamie Oliver

Episode 8: Charity Pudding, Miracle Goldfish and the Spice Girls

Episode 7: Humpty Dumpty, Belinda Carlisle and Annette Curtain

Episode 6: Chris Tarrant, Knitting and Alton Towers

Episode 5: Rupert Grint, Anal Dandruff and the Common Cold

Episode 4: Aunties, Wisdom Teeth, and Swimming in David Walliams’s Slipstream

Episode 3: Poached Eggs, Syphilis and Miracle Mice

Episode 2: Kylie, Bread and Fishy Juice

Episode 1: Constipation, Janeane Garofalo and Sartorial Excellence



3 Responses to “Listen to episodes of Answer Me This!”

  1. Emily Says:

    I have just finished listening to episode 159 so here is my embarrasing scary movie anecdote. I am rubish at watching scary films or TV shows as I spend most of the film with my face hidden behind a cushion. The only film which I did not hide behind a cushion however was Silent Hill, which is about a woman and her daughter who happen to stumble upon this haunted and (I think) toxiacally contaminated town where many horrible shanangogans ensue. Tyring to not pay attention to the creepy film I took to trying to tight rope walk along the back of my friends sofa where reverting my eyes momentarily I watched a horrible gruesome man without a face come onto the screen. I then screamed, causing my friends parents to come dashing into the living room, and I then fell off of the back of the sofa and fractured my ankle. I had to sit on the floor with a huge bag of peas strapped to my foot to wait for my dad to pick me up to go to the A&E. The girl who’s house I was staying over did noting but laught and carried on watching the film. I still have not managed to watch it again! Loving the show Helen, Olly and Martin the shound man!

  2. Gareth FROM Glasgow Says:

    Why, yes I have, Michael Tim. I will fix it now… if only I knew how.

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