Gallery of Munt


One of the problems which arose in interviewing our Special Guests for AMT200 is that those people were witness to our most hideous, embarrassing, shameful years. Worse, they have visual evidence.

Enter, if you dare, the Gallery of Munt!

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7 Responses to “Gallery of Munt”

  1. Jonny Says:

    The most recent podcast was funny and enlightening and a really warm nice insight into where you are all from. absolutely charming, thank you. this probably sounds weird now…

  2. tony Says:

    Please not again. Your family members are not nearly as witty or interesting as you may think they are.

    • Miss Manners Says:

      Ooohhh! Yes, how dare they, makers of a free homemade podcast, have temerity to invite their loved ones to one special episode.

      If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything, and just don’t listen to the episode.

    • Eddy Says:

      stop being such an ass hole their trying to make a good episode and they did, best unpaid episode ever!

  3. Lucy Barrott (@LucyKayB) Says:

    Helen ,you look so pretty in the first picture! (the one from 2001)

  4. strangely Says:

    great show. ta for 5 years, of which i have listened for over half of them. eek etc.

    and on the Gallery of Munt, loving that Andy’s hair was already like that…

  5. Paul Says:

    I loved this episode! Olly, your mum sounds SO lovely – and got the best line of the show: “Why are you looking so horrified, Oliver?”

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