The Answer Me This! Merchandise Superstore

BADGES FOR ONLY 70p… Yay, some amazing AMT! merchandise for only 70p a pop! If you can think of anything more exciting we could possibly give you for the price, we’d be very surprised. (We did consider limited edition parcels of Martin’s beard clippings, but he’s not trimming it enough these days to satisfy demand.) There are twelve beautiful designs: pin them to your chest with pride! BUY NOW!

UK MERCHANDISE STORE… If you like putting Answer Me This! into your ears then you might enjoy putting it all over your front too. And happily you can do just that without having a big painful tattoo of Martin the Sound Man across your thorax, because the Answer Me This! Podcast Superstore is open for business! It’s 100% thrilling Answer Me This! merchandise, and it’s in POUNDS STERLING for all the UK

US MERCHANDISE STORE…T-Shirts! Mugs! Bibs! Hold on, this US version of the Answer Me This! Podcast Superstore looks strikingly similar to the UK merchandise store… Ah, that’s because it is. Exactly the same. But the prices are in US DOLLARS, for our cousins across the pond. And those billions of people who are not our cousins, too. us-store-button


7 Responses to “The Answer Me This! Merchandise Superstore”

  1. Steven Hardy Says:

    I would be very intrested in a collection of all the parody songs on your episodes.

  2. Chris Young Says:

    What is the current link to download the android app? I have followed various links on the site and been taken to three different dead ends!

  3. Norma Says:

    How about a cool ringtone or two?

  4. axel kayler Says:

    answer me this mouse pads?
    from the u.s. with love

  5. MeoMy Says:

    …right on Izzy, and pens, pens are cheap, do some pens, not bothered about pencils, they’re so yesterday, coming to think of it, so are pens, iPad covers, come on guys, iPad and MacBook Pro covers.

    How about contact lenses with your slogan etched on them, as a kind of heads up display, make them bluetooth compatible and we could link up to our phones, or better still, make them wireless so we can stream your podcast, the contact lenses could resonate, like those ultra flat speakers.

    Ok, that’s enough brain storming for now – hope you can make use of these ideas.

  6. Renan Kleper Says:

    I want hoodies!

  7. Izzy Says:

    come on guys! i want pants, i want duvet covers, hell, i want can openers!

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