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Become a friend-magnet, the AMT way

August 8, 2013



We were delighted by this email from Terry, offering a marvellous bit of advice for people going to the Edinburgh Fringe this month:

Wear your AMT t-shirt, people will be much nicer to you.

Since I got my t-shirt at Christmas I’ve worn it in plenty of different places and been seen by many people, but only in Edinburgh have I got so much love.

On August 1st I was stopped by someone flyering for the show The Curse of Elizabeth Faulkner telling me that he followed me. I explained that I wasn’t you but it is nice meeting him.

When I arrived at the Assembly Rooms, the girl at the entrance was so pleased to see a fellow fan of the show she lead me all the way across the courtyard and to the door of the room I was heading for. I’m sure any other day I would’ve been pointed over there and left to it. However I would like to say sorry to her as on the way out she did ask how the show was but unfortunately I didn’t hear that and just smiled at her like a simpleton.

Later that afternoon I also met the very nice Jay Foreman who told us he has written some of the jingles for the show.

Anyway after such a nice day I will be ordering some more merch right away.

May I recommend the mug? Mine has survived nearly six years of service without a single chip; furthermore, it’s enormous, which means less time making teafills.

Have any of the rest of you had happy experiences whilst adorned with AMT merch? Of course none of you have had bad experiences. That time you were pelted with rotten eggs was NOT because you were carrying the AMT bag (100 per cent egg-proof, by the way).



March 8, 2012


Unofficial AMT paparazzo Mat wired us this rare sighting:

Spotted in, of all places, Wall Street, New York, US of your actual A, while I was helping fifteen Performing Arts students traipse around the city on a college trip. I’m all about the boots, myself.

Sadly the boots are off-brand, but if you want a similar bag for yourself, click here. They’re very sturdy, waterproof, and so bright and noticeable that you may well find yourself having your privacy invaded while you take a tour of the financial centres of the world.


Electric dreams

December 9, 2010

For those of you who were clamouring to find out when we were going to get an Android app to join our iPhone app in the app canon, the answer is…NOW!

Much like the iPhone app, for $2.99 it brings you all the episodes as well as the ability to send us questions at the touch of a button, AND exclusive bonus content – the Best Of Answer Me This! 2007, 2008 and 2009 (all incredible years, I think you’ll agree), plus a special little extra nugget of fun every week. Click here to download it, if that is your fondest wish.

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Bookseller Crow

November 24, 2010

** Click here for Episode 157 **

Believe it or not, many of you have been asking where you can buy defacedsigned copies of our new book. Bless you, dears, with your inexplicable desires!

Well, now said desires can be vanquished by our favourite local bookshop, Bookseller Crow in Crystal Palace; where you can now buy copies signed by all three of us for £9.99 including free UK P&P.

You can buy copies via this page on their website, or call them on 020 8771 8831, or just walk into their shop (as long as you don’t walk out again without paying).

You can still buy unsigned copies from everywhere else, of course, and graffiti-tag them yourself.

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As you might have heard us mention once or twice in the past few weeks…

November 4, 2010

…we’ve turned the podcast into a book, and it is out TODAY!

And lo, we have made our own advert for it:

Answer Me This! The Book is now available from allsome good bookshops, as well as online emporiae – click HERE for links to those, and to read a few sample pages.

In summation:

if you have accrued any affection for us at all over the past almost-four years of podcast, pleeeeeeeease buy a copy!

Video thanks: Ian the bar trainer, Jalin Patel.

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All new!

July 8, 2009

badges II

We’re thrilled to be returning tomorrow with our new series, but just before that arrives, we’ve got some other new stuff to tell you about. Namely:

New badges! The wonderful bods at have produced a gorgeous new quartet of badges in two sizes. CLICK HERE to buy your own pieces of flair.

New albums! During our holidays we put together the Answer Me This! Selection Boxes, four compilations of some of the finest bits of the podcast themed around our favourite subjects: food, love, dilemmas and history. They’re available exclusively from the iTunes store for £3.49 each – or $4.99 for listeners in the US or $8.99 in Australia. Or for some similarly puny amount wherever you are in the world!

Martin the Sound Man‘s got a new episode of his Sound of the Ladies podcast, featuring his latest song ‘We Went to the Bottom of the Ocean’!

• Fellow podcaster and sibling of the show Andy Zaltzman has just started his new BBC 5Live series ‘Yes, It’s the Ashes’. Unfortunately it is about cricket; but if that oils your bat, then you can listen to Episode 1 on BBC iPlayer until Saturday morning.

See you tomorrow for Episode 99!

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He’s not a toy – he’s a toy fox terrier

February 26, 2009

** We’re back on 5th March; in the meantime click here to listen to previous episodes **

What a week! First this nice thing, then at long last the culmination of our merch dreams, courtesy of Remy from Seattle:

Remy from Seattle: the sharpest dog in the west

Remy from Seattle: the sharpest dog in the west

If you want your own dog to look just as amusingstylish as young Remy here, then visit our merchandise store where you can buy one of these not in the least dignity-compromising dog t-shirts in THREE SIZES. As well as good shit like bags to carry your dog around in, mugs for your dog to drink tea from, or maternity tops to wear while you…gestate your dog?

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