chocolate rain (of rude words)




We knew we could count on you to send us sweary Thorntons products, you bunch of chocolate-loving pottymouths! This has to be one of the best slews of feedback we have ever had. It also contains Swear Words so the rest of the post is after the jump.

Nicolas writes:

You wanted some proof so here you go. This is the present I got my dad for his birthday. It’s from Sheffield and they even called someone out from the back of the shop as she was the best at writing artistic lettering.


Once again, the West Midlands seems to be the epicentre of Thorntonian willingness to be profane with the piping bag. Warren from Hednesford Town says:

After listening to your podcast I thought i’d share with you a couple of photographs showing just how far the Cannock (in Staffordshire) branch of Thorntons would go with their icing.

The first shows a lovely message that my beautiful friend Charlie had iced on for my 30th birthday, and the second shows a lovely message from my workmates when I had my first child.

And these people are meant to be my friends!

Thorntons thorntons2

Gavin adds:

Not quite chocolate, but this my wife’s practice run at a friend’s wedding cake:

cunt cake

So your wife is a big fan of the happy couple?

UPDATE: we just received this from Robyn and her wishing-to-remain anonymous:

The girl got a £1 tip for being game for the icing.

chocolate herpes

And David supplies:

The attached photo should prove that they too have as much of a sense of humour as anyone else.
This is part of an ongoing series of “affectionate indelicacies” between my best mate and I. “C*NT” is our term of endearment for each other, and this is merely one in a number of gifts, suitably adorned.

choc champagne


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7 Responses to “chocolate rain (of rude words)”

  1. Christina Says:

    I got a cracking email rejecting my Rude word that I requested online. Thorntons stated that they wouldn’t do it as it was not good for their brand. hilarious

  2. Arran Gilbert Says:

    If I may be a message from Thorntons for a moment, you DO know that ‘googlemail’ and ‘gmail’ are interchangeable, don’t you? You will still have to use the long version to log into your facebook account though.

    • Helen Zaltzman Says:

      you’re right – we do! However, if you had had to set up an address in early 2007 when Google was not allowing gmail addresses in the UK, so composed a few dozen jingles featuring your googlemail address to make it memorable, would you bother changing it?

      • Arran Gilbert Says:

        Would I update a show’s jingles every five years or so? I’m not going to answer that because I don’t want to fall out with the presenter of my new favourite podcast. I got a sarcy RT from Graham Linehan last week and I must say it was rather upsetting. Bit like having paranoid delusions.

        I also sent a jingle into the Russell Brand radio 2 show and had to listen to him & Noel Gallagher take the piss out of my name before dismissing my efforts as “a bit 80’s, nah I’m not avin that”. The internet is scary.

  3. mike Says:

    I’m curious why david will have Cunt put on a cake but spells it with an * in his e-mail.

  4. spdk1 Says:

    that’s awesome!! I especially love the “flowers” on that last cake.

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