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March 4, 2015



Tom has cast light upon the question about human beatboxers’ hands from AMT307:

I do a bit of beatboxing and I find that the hand movements are pretty involuntary – I’d have to concentrate not to do them.

I think it’s just a natural impulse that helps keep time. I find that I do the same whenever I’m playing music and have a free hand, for example when playing a one-handed piano part, the free hand starts waving up and down or tapping on something of its own accord.

I know a couple of other beatboxers who say the same thing. No doubt there is some amount of people doing it on purpose for the reasons you mentioned, but I don’t even realise I’m doing it – every time I see a video of myself beatboxing it looks like I’m having some sort of episode.

Seems sensible enough, Tom. Now, can you account for Martin the Sound Man’s air drumming nearly everywhere he goes?


EPISODE 307: a rubber glove with no fingers

February 5, 2015

Overshadowed by a special guest appearance from Missy Elliott*, here’s Answer Me This! Episode 307:

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*Not really. She refuses to respond to our postcards.

On today’s question-answering slate:

female strippers
male strippers
Grumpy Cat
beckoning cats
Lil Bub: the Chris Martin of cats
Ben Lashes
fast food delivery
wedding diplomacy
Happy Meal toys
Ronald McDonald vs Carol Vorderman
human beatboxing

Plus: Olly’s brain or his wang can be stimulated, but never at the same time; Helen could have been the late-90s Beanie Baby trading magnate of Tunbridge Wells; and Martin the Sound Man exercises uncharacteristic restraint in the face of a question about beatboxing. Though he still manages to sound like he’s polishing a window with his own spit.

Today’s Bonus Bit of Crap on the App contains further contemplation of memes and cats and the internet’s favourite/Helen’s least favourite, cat memes. Hear on your iDevices, Android and Windows gadgets.

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Helen & Olly

••• AMT307 Child-Friendly Rating: 39%. Swearing, strippers AND Femidoms. Maybe not. •••

PS As it sleets down upon the steeple of the AMT stronghold, here is Olly in more clement climes modelling this year’s hot look in drupes: