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June 4, 2014


Another Tetris spinoff that didn't quite set the world alight

Another Tetris spinoff that didn’t quite set the world alight

Dur duh duh DUR duh duh DUR duh duh DURRR duh duh DUR duh duh DUR dur dur DUR is the soundtrack to this email from Steve from Southampton:

I was listening to the question about Tetris when Olly talked about Tetrominoes and wondered why not do it with 5 or 6 squared shapes.

When I was in primary school in the mid-1980s, our teacher Mrs Doubleday taught us a game called Pentominoes, where you had 12 shapes cut from squared paper (all the possible combinations of 5 squares) and you had to make a larger shape – usually just rectangles of varying dimensions (if 4 lines is a “Tetris” would 5 be a “Penis”?) from the pentominoes as quickly as possible. It was actually quite a lot of fun, and even subliminally educational.

I guess she didn’t jump on the bandwagon and try to licence it to the Soviet government because a) she was about 70, and b) one of the pentominoes was called “The Stinker” and was invariably the piece that was hardest to fit in – it would have been the cause of millions of smashed gameboys had she ever taken it public.


That’s the shape of The Stinker.

What a shame Mrs Doubleday wasn’t commercially minded, because there must have been scores of Tetris addicts wanting to move onto the harder stuff, stinky or not.

Here are the rest of the Pentomino shapes, in case you had a hankering to make your own cut-out-and-keep Penises (?):



EPISODE 290 – knish you wanna be my lover

May 22, 2014

Victoria Beckham's jumpsuit, from listener Bee's collection

Victoria Beckham’s jumpsuit, from listener Bee’s collection

Hi listeners,

Above is a sacred relic from the 90s: Victoria Beckham’s jumpsuit, from the post-Geri era of the Spice Girls. It’s also a sacred relic of the 90s, in that it’s from Answer Me This! Episode 290, which is here:

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Other souvenirs of today’s episode include:

Wenlock and Mandeville
Michael Jackson’s Xscape
Groupon dates
geeks vs twats
Jay Z vs Siri
the Spice Girls’ girl power vs Shampoo’s ‘Girl Power’
the Olympic Pool
bubblegum flavour
birthday cake flavour
wintergreen flavour
Professor Burp’s Bubbleworks
the true price of Beats by Dre headphones
the Oscar Wilde prosecution restaurant
Michael Phelps’s wet swimming trunks.

Plus: Olly teaches a child empathy, through Robbie Williams; Helen comes up with a strong concept for the Spice Girls’ fourth album; and Martin the Sound Man reckons going up Anish Kapoor’s Olympic Meccano-crash would be cheap at a third of the price. What IS a bargain is, who are offering you 10% off for a whole year if you use the code Answer when plumping for their website-building and -hosting services. And the great thing about the 90% you pay is that some of it ends up supporting independent podcasts like this one! Hurrah all round.

In today’s Bit of Crap on the App, Olly voices his disappointment over the ubiquity of Emeli Sandé. Our app is almost as readily available for your iDevices, Android or Windows gadgets.

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Back with AMT291 on Thursday 5th June,

Helen & Olly

••• AMT290 Child-Friendly Rating: 95%. Pretty clean – possibly even entirely free of swears – although there is a fleeting reference to a Wenlock and Mandeville sex toy towards the end. •••