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February 4, 2015


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Here is a question from Crystal:

I live in a very boring town in Iowa in the United States.

I was actually born somewhere near the Bentwaters air force base as my Dad was stationed there and I have never been back for a visit. I was 3 when we came back to the States so I don’t remember much about it.

Sooooo answer me this – can you tell me something interesting or anything really about where I was born?

I’ll do my best, Crystal.


1. …has its own Cold War Museum and Forest Centre!
2. …is near where UFOs were(n’t) spotted in 1980!
3. …is just inland from the charming seaside town Aldeburgh, a must-visit for Benjamin Britten fans!
4. …is a quick submarine-ride away from Old Dunwich, a town which fell into the sea and precipitated the 1832 Parliamentary Reform Act!
5. …is where they filmed bits of Fast & Furious 6, as well as such TV series as X-Fire, Space Cadets and Dog Borstal!
6. …is conveniently situated if you want to visit one of Britain’s most important Anglo-Saxon sites Sutton Hoo, the 800-year-old Orford Castle, and Framlingham Castle which is proud of its chimneys!
7. …is handy for the Suffolk coast, an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty!
8. …is also handy if you hate natural beauty and would prefer to visit one of Suffolk’s notorious power stations!
9. …is the starting-point for a magical summer daytrip to the Southwold Maize Maze and the PEASENHALL PEA FESTIVAL!
10. …is only 21 miles away from Wangford, tee hee hee!

That’s ten things, which is quite good going, I think. You’re welcome, Crystal.


EPISODE 159 – the great monkfish holocaust of 1986

December 2, 2010

Hello dears,

Remember a few days ago, when Britain was still capable of having conversations about things that aren’t SNOW? Me neither, but SNOW-free Episode 159 is a throwback to those clement times:

This classic episode is available to BUY NOW for just 79p at the Answer Me This! Store, through a secure server, without DRM restriction. CLICK HERE to find out more and support our podcast. (This helps keep our most recent episodes free)

Topics on this week’s crib-sheet include:


litigious Times New Roman
Shetland ponies
the Mildenhall treasure
Jacob’s Ladder
the Crusades
zebra piss
flattering spectacles
Kramer vs. Kramer
the BBC vs. Boston Business Computing
laser eye surgery vs. A Clockwork Orange
Las Vegas vs. Trafalgar Square
pet griffins
the Crystal Palace water-towers
the penalty for banging Prince Philip
Stanmore the Monkfish
the MGM lion
Martin the Sound Man’s favourite fountain.

Plus: Olly salves his wounds from losing last week’s Queen’s Speech debate by triumphing in his other specialist subject: Macaulay Culkin’s uncredited early work; tedious stories thwart Helen’s attempts to compose the Zaltzman family tree; and Martin will sort out your myopia for a fiver and a bucket of chicken wings, no questions asked. Also, this week’s Bit of Crap on the App describes an inappropriate use for a lovely dollshouse (clue: it’s not this).

In the event that you too have things to say that aren’t about SNOW – preferably QUESTIONS – then please get in touch by leaving a voicemail on the Question Line 0208 123 5877 or Skype ID answermethis, or emailing

If you can make it through the SNOW, then please come along to one of our imminent book readings and signings – there’s one in London this weekend, 3.30pm on Saturday 4th at The Social on Little Portland Street, then there’s another in Brighton, 7.30pm on Wednesday 8th at Waterstone’s Clocktower.

SNOWver and out!

Helen and Olly

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