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EPISODE 331: wanking doesn’t change

January 28, 2016

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With Olly’s baby poised to make his entrance into this world, Answer Me This! Episode 331 is our last episode before our three-month paternity leave, while Olly adjusts to fatherhood and Helen adjusts to going outside occasionally. Savour answers about:

lads’ mags
cereal toys
spotting the stars of tomorrow as they toil at the Disney parks
‘For He’s as dead as a herring a Jolly Good Fellow’
swimming rabbits
cafes vs brasseries vs bistros
Jane Eyre vs Thelma and Louise
The Lord of the Rings road trips
Jo Guest
Tutti Frutti in 3D
ceramic babies
blue rinses
Bulgarian food
Kevin Costner

Plus: we’ve birthed a new album! AMT Love is out now, and you can read all about it and click to buy it at

A question from AMT Love went astray and ended up as today’s Bonus Bit of Crap on the App (available for iThings, Android and Windows devices). It’s from long-time AMT listener Ace: if you’re young, poor and in Oxford, and you want to go on a Tinder date but you don’t want it to be “Drink?” or “Coffee?”, what do you do instead? Why, you date AMT-style of course! Meet you by the singing cockroaches.

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We will return in May, but keep in touch in the meantime at and – which is where we will let you know the due date of AMT332 a couple of weeks ahead of time, AND where we will also post news of Baby Mann once he appears (and has been through hair and makeup, had a spray tan, and undergone intensive media training).

All together now: “For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good herring…WHICH NOBODY CAN DENY.”

Helen & Olly

••• AMT331 Child-Friendly Rating: 42%
Some swears, but pretty clean until the last ten minutes, when there’s a question about lads’ mags and top shelf publications. YOU KNOW THE ONES WE MEAN. The ones your kids are too short to reach/don’t need to reach because they can view all the proclivities of humanity on your phone that they swiped from you. •••


password passnotes

November 14, 2012


Passwords are like tattoos of the Bishop of Peterborough dressed as Elvis: we’ve all got them. RIGHT? On that subject, Dylan muses upon the question raised by Jack in AMT236:

There are plenty of opinions in the IT community to support the idea that a password change policy is actually not beneficial in a meaningful way. In fact in some cases it can harm security as users who are forced to regularly create new passwords are more likely to choose easy to remember (and potentially guess) passwords, or to write passwords down or record them in a file.

However it really is a good practice to use a different password for every site you visit. The method I’ve used and recommend to other people is to use part of the site’s name or URL within the password you use. You start with a reasonably complex password that’s common to all your sites, and then modify it slightly for any given site.

So you could have “R4gh1p5” as your common password. On eBay you might then use “eR4ghy1p5” on that site – the same password, but you’ve added the first letter of the site’s name at the beginning, and the last letter of the name before the “1” in the password. This way you have a unique password on every site, but only have to remember the base password and the rule you’ve come up with.

Good tip, Dylan. For the legion of people whose password continues to be ‘password’, I’ve made your life easier: you just need ‘epasswyord’ for eBay, ‘apasswnord’ for Amazon and ‘gpasswsord’ for Geocities. I assume those are the only websites you use.