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Thursday Listening Party

September 24, 2015

On the Thursdays with no new AMT, we crank up the spoken word audio and have a Thursday Listening Party.
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We loved him in The Adam and Joe Show; we loved him on Adam and Joe’s BBC 6 Music show; we loved him in AMT300; so imagine the joy that swelled in our hearts when we saw that Adam Buxton has a new podcast! Additional joys: the first episode features Louis Theroux and BaaadDad.

There was a real amateur sleuth case in ‘Angie‘ by Criminal; it’s really compelling stuff. Likewise the 99% Invisible about missing children on milk cartons – it has become such a common trope, I had no idea the real campaign only lasted a couple of years. (Oh, and if you want cookies with your milk, of course 99PI has sorted you out too.)

I’m not going to apologise for plugging another Radiotopisibling‘s show, because the Resolution episode of Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything was the thing I most enjoyed listening to this month.

What’s in your ears, dears? Recommend shows in the comments.

In AMT323, we learnt about Venetian gondolas, preparing snails for eating, and Olly’s ranking of the various versions of Coca Cola. Go to to catch up, slowpoke.

Olly has been gallivanting in Vegas for Guardian Tech Weekly, and I’ve been gallivanting at home to make the latest Allusionist. I’ll wager that it’ll be the only linguistics podcast containing werewolves AND Step Up 4 that you’ll hear. Find it at Oh, and Martin the Sound Man’s new podcast, Song By Song, launches this weekend! Put on some clean undies and get ready for a Tom Waits earparty.


Thursday Listening Party

November 20, 2014


On the Thursdays we don’t release a new AMT, we crank up the spoken word audio and have a Thursday Listening Party.
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From the AMT camp:

Here’s Martin the Sound Man playing some pretty songs on MJ Hibbert’s Totally Acoustic podcast.

In this month’s Sound Women podcast, I spoke to the owner of the quintessential radio voice, Charlotte Green. She talks about the poetry of the Shipping Forecast, the hideousness of 28 years of getting up at 3am for the Today Programme, and that on-air crack-up.

From the away camp:

Pitch is a newish podcast about the minutiae of music and other noises, and it’s very good indeed. Hear Pitch at

Last month I mentioned Robin Ince‘s excellent series Heal Thyself, and he has since presented the similarly top-notch Radio 4 documentary Tears of a Clown, about the link between comedy and mental health.

If like me you’re a fan of Death, Sex & Money (the podcast of that name, not necessarily those things in combination), you may enjoy this interview with host Anna Sale on After The Jump, the podcast from Design*Sponge‘s Grace Bonney.

And for all of you whose Serial fever is growing worse by the episode – and to help you through next week because they’re taking Thanksgiving off – your equivalent of nicotine gum is Slate’s Serial Spoiler Specials, the AV Club’s new Serial Serial, these weekly conversations with Rabia Chaudry who brought the case to Sarah Koenig in the first place, the parodies… To be honest, I’m enjoying the fervid commentary around the show more than the show itself.

For more true crime stories, do check out the ever-absorbing Criminal (my new Radiotopia sibling!), and I’ve been told I must listen to Sword and Scale, so I’m off to do that right now. What else would you recommend I hear, dears?

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Thursday Listening Party

May 29, 2014


On alternate Thursdays when there’s no new AMT, join us for the Thursday Listening Party. Please bring Pringles.

If you can hear heaving sobs issuing from the AMT bunker, it’s because one of our favourite podcasts, the Guardian’s Media Talk, is coming to an end. (Unless one of you is a generous benefactor and fancies having Media Talk in your own entertainment stable? Save Media Talk!) I was on the last episode. But, in a ‘Clap if you believe in fairies’ moment, there may be a glimmer of hope for its future… Read here to find out.

As one podcast ends, another begins: Leila Johnston from Shift Run Stop has launched a new podcast, Hack Circus, and for its inaugural episode she and I (and her dog) met up in a pub and had a big old chat, which you can hear on iTunes or not-iTunes. Or right here:

Further audiotainment:

I love a bit of true crime, so I’ve been blasting through the newish podcast Criminal. Counterfeiters! Murderous owls! Polygraphs! Flytrap thieves! The production is classy and the show is very interesting and fun (funteresting?).

Remaining on the crimey theme: Unfictional is perennially excellent but the ‘Murder In Jersey’ episode was particularly excellent. It involves two brothers looking into their grandfather’s murder, unsolved since 1970. The episode is no longer on the main feed, but you can still find it elsewhere eg here and here.

And for a further gutpunch, I direct you to the ‘Long Shadow’ episode of Strangers, about the repercussions of a shooting up the Empire State Building in 1997.

Frankly, I haven’t felt this bereft since I watched Dear Zachary (which you can watch here if you are in the mood for Devastating Emotions).

After all that sorrow and tragedy, I’m hitting RISK! for a bawdy pick-me-up, and I suggest you do too.

Ibiza club anthems are NOT welcome at the Thursday Listening Party, but your spoken word entertainment recommendations ARE welcome. Please share them in the comments.

To keep your ears ever busy until AMT291 next Thursday, here are some other podcasts we like.


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EPISODE 230 – like a Muppet Babies version of the Rolling Stones

September 27, 2012

Hello listeners,

It’s odd that in his ode ‘To Autumn‘, Keats never mentioned amongst the swelling gourds and clammy cells that it is also the time of year where the images of schoolchildren are harvested for posterity in the annual school photos. See above, then while your eyes recover, hear Answer Me This! Episode 230:

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In which we speak of:

sharing a bedroom
Dorian Gray
Liz Jones
the Meg Ryan Game
Olly’s friend Chay in a Britney video
sleeping arrangements
the Titanic Memorial Cruise
grey water vs. black water
big baggy clothes vs. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Aaron Paul vs. Aaron Paul
court artists
Ocean Colour Scene
relationship advice via Neil LaBute.

Plus: Olly has had enough of these mother-fighting snakesDaily Mails on this monkey-liking plane; Helen’s Kentish childhood was nothing like the latest Wand Erection video (see below); and Martin the Sound Man did not do a William Hague, honest.

This week’s Bit of Crap on the App (get it for iDevices and Android) involves further discussion of cruises, namely why haven’t hipsters taken them up yet. Surely it’s only a matter of time, though – after all, nobody ever thought bowler hats or the A10 would ever make a comeback, and look at them both now.

As we said in the show, do share your most memorable birthday in the comments; and as always, share your QUESTIONS by leaving voicemails on the Question Line (Skype answermethis or dial 0208 123 5877) or sending emails to Also go here if you want your own Answer Me This! mug. It’s so big, you could probably go for a week-long cruise in it.

See you next Thursday!

Helen & Olly