Thursday Listening Party


On the Thursdays with no new AMT, we crank up the spoken word audio and have a Thursday Listening Party.
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We loved him in The Adam and Joe Show; we loved him on Adam and Joe’s BBC 6 Music show; we loved him in AMT300; so imagine the joy that swelled in our hearts when we saw that Adam Buxton has a new podcast! Additional joys: the first episode features Louis Theroux and BaaadDad.

There was a real amateur sleuth case in ‘Angie‘ by Criminal; it’s really compelling stuff. Likewise the 99% Invisible about missing children on milk cartons – it has become such a common trope, I had no idea the real campaign only lasted a couple of years. (Oh, and if you want cookies with your milk, of course 99PI has sorted you out too.)

I’m not going to apologise for plugging another Radiotopisibling‘s show, because the Resolution episode of Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything was the thing I most enjoyed listening to this month.

What’s in your ears, dears? Recommend shows in the comments.

In AMT323, we learnt about Venetian gondolas, preparing snails for eating, and Olly’s ranking of the various versions of Coca Cola. Go to to catch up, slowpoke.

Olly has been gallivanting in Vegas for Guardian Tech Weekly, and I’ve been gallivanting at home to make the latest Allusionist. I’ll wager that it’ll be the only linguistics podcast containing werewolves AND Step Up 4 that you’ll hear. Find it at Oh, and Martin the Sound Man’s new podcast, Song By Song, launches this weekend! Put on some clean undies and get ready for a Tom Waits earparty.


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