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Previous years have shown us that you AMT!P fans are more than capable of rising to a challenge. Recent months have also shown that you seem quite keen on sending us unsolicited jingles. Well, consider them unsolicited no more, as we announce…

Helen and Olly’s Jingle Challenge!

It’s a simple proposition, really: write and record a jingle for us to play in our new series. We realise that Martin the Sound Man and the Answer Me This! Players have set the bar pretty high with their previous work, but we’re confident you have some super sounds left in you.

Our favourite jingles will be played in future editions of the show, and the most-viewed submission on YouTube will receive an amazing prize (or, at least, a prize).

Here’s what you need to do to enter the Jingle Challenge:

1. Compose, then record a jingle, between 10 and 30 seconds long.

2. Upload it as a video response to this video on YouTube. Submissions via any other means will be ignored!

3. The jingle must be comprised of words and music. These can be in any style you like; the words must be of your own composition, and the music, if not 100% original, ought not be such a blatant rip-off of someone else’s work that we wake up in the morning to find the PRS outside our window with pitchforks and burning hay bales. Other matters to observe:

• The sound quality must be decent enough that we can hear what’s going on.
• The words must in some way reference Answer Me This! (eg. invoking one of our names, the email address, the phoneline or the web address) at least once, in whichever manner you see fit.
• This may seem hypocritical coming from us, but no gratuitous swearing or crudity in the lyrics – one day we want to be able to shed that ‘Explicit’ tag on iTunes!
• This is an audio challenge, so the video to which the jingle is attached will not be officially considered; but you can do what you please with it. It can be of you performing the jingle, something a bit more hi-tech, or just a static picture, a bit like the test card.
• The legal blah: by submitting a song to Helen and Olly’s Jingle Challenge, you are giving us the right to edit, publish, broadcast and distribute your jingle on a royalty-free, irrevocable, fully sub-licensable basis in future free and paid-for editions of our podcast, on our website answermethispodcast.com and on third party sites and programmes which are promoting Answer Me This!. You represent and warrant that you have all of these rights to grant to us and that no other rights from any third party will be necessary. Any copyrights will then belong to answermethispodcast.com and its affiliates in perpetuity. We reserve the right to delete individual submissions from our YouTube Channel as we see fit.

4. Vote with your eyes: the song which has had the most views on YouTube at noon GMT on 8th March will win a very special prize. **UPDATE: though the deadline has passed to win the prize (well done, James Silcocks from Lincolnshire!), you are still very welcome to submit jingles via these means for us to play in future episodes.

5. Glory will probably follow.

6. Although we can’t promise anything along those lines.

That’s all; now pick up those sousaphones, samplers and spoons, and get jingling!

Click here to see the entries to the 2010 Jingle Challenge

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2 Responses to “Helen and Olly’s JINGLE CHALLENGE”

  1. Heather Says:

    There was a Letsby Avenue in my hometown of folkestone! But it turns out someone secretly had the sign made and put up! The council – outraged – removed it – pondered who made it (as it was a very professional job!) then gleened all the publicity out of it by putting it up on the walkway outside the council offices!! So no – the Police do not – just the pen pushing beaurcates that wanted all the fun of Letsby Avenue to themselves! !!!

  2. Christopher Whitehead Says:

    why are cows black and white?
    is it cos they can’t afford a colour licence?

    Is there really a street called Letsby Avenue?
    and if so do police really live there?

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