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Helen and Olly’s Photoshop Challenge is now closed! But don’t worry, Challenge fans, there will be a new Challenge issued forth on this page right here before the year is out.

The Photoshop Challenge Winner is announced at the end of this video, wherein we run down our Top 10:

CLICK HERE to see all 135 entries in the Photoshop Challenge Gallery; and if you want to know how it all came to pass, keep reading:

In January, Helen and Martin the Sound Man went on a jaunt to California. In San Jose, podcast fan Alison kindly showed them around; but the only photo of them all together was taken in front of a boring hotel entrance. See?

Alison, H and M, San Josie Snoozefest! But Alison wasn’t content to let that be the one image of the escapade, and took matters into her own hands. Firstly we went to the famous San Jose Flea Market:

Alison, Helen and Martin: fun times at the San Jose flea market

Then we went to the beach!

do you remember that time we all went to the beach?

do you remember that time we all went to the beach?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, listener Mark was a bit bored at work so produced this:

Toot toot!

Which is when we all realised we rather enjoy looking at pictures of ourselves superimposed onto other things, and therefore thought it might be fun to invite you lot to provide some. Hence Helen and Olly’s Photoshop Challenge. Entrants were allowed to use any pictures of us they could find and get creative with them in whichever way they saw fit. They uploaded the results to photobucket.com/answermethis, and lo, we did admire them.

But our noble photoshoppers weren’t just doing it for the love of the art. No. They were hankering after Big Ceramic Prizes, as our favourite entry wins an Answer Me This! mug, which is really large and excellent. Feast your eyes on the prize:

All this could be YOURS

All this could be YOURS

Although if you want one without all that faff of sticking our faces onto a thing, then you can just buy one. That’s right – throw money at the problem.

* Click here to see the entries in the Photoshop Challenge Gallery *

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7 Responses to “Helen and Olly’s PHOTOSHOP CHALLENGE”

  1. Hez from Birmingham Says:

    You guys look knakerd, go to bed ;D

  2. Photoshop Tutorials Says:

    looking forward to the next challenge.


  3. aylah Says:

    I’m gonna be totally shameless and advertise our forum, as I imagine there are a lot of photoshoppers on this site.

    Challenges are fun! 🙂

  4. trinihibiscus Says:

    i accept your challenge and will submit my photoshoped arworks of you all

  5. Charlotte from Macclesfield Says:

    There’s no good pictures of all of you >.<

  6. josh from huddersfield Says:

    FINALLY, my years of dicking around on photoshop have come to fruition!

    = D
    im just churning these bad boys out.

  7. Mark Says:

    Muwhahahaha look what i have started!! XD cheers guys

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