Helen and Olly’s CAMCORDER CHALLENGE 2008

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So, before we went on our Podcasting Holiday over September 2008, we posted this ‘ere video on our YouTube channel:

Thus was born our first ever video contest, HELEN AND OLLY’S CAMCORDER CHALLENGE!

The mission? To receive video questions, and glimpse the lovely gurning faces of our Questioneers for the very first time. The incentive? The chance for our loyal and amazing audience to have their question answered first in the new series of Answer Me This! AND win one of our delightful messenger bags.

Who WOULDN’T chomp at the bit to take part, with that DREAM PRIZE up for grabs? (We’ve done the sums, and rather than answering that, we will now point you in the direction of the amazing TOP 3 VIDEO RESPONSES we received for the competition, which closed on September 26th).

In THIRD PLACE, with 2935 views of her video, was the delightful Laura from Sittingbourne, and in SECOND PLACE, with an outrageously impressive 6023 views of his video, was long-time Questioneer LEON FROM NORTHUMBERLAND.

But the WINNERS, with a quite superb 6589 views of their video/full-blown C4 comedy pilot, are BRAD AND JOSH FROM HUDDERSFIELD, who put themselves in the line of fire, literally, to make the most popular video they could:

Well done chaps! Your messenger bag is in the post. Look, here we are signing it. And squinting into the sun. What beauties we are!

Thanks so so much to everyone who took part in the competition.
Many of the other submissions – including excellent work from superfans Krabbers, Mark from Essex and Gareth from Glasgow – were quite wonderful too.

You can view all the entries here:

And here’s a picture of the happy winners with their prize and their resultant horde of groupies:

Brad, Josh and bag

Brad, Josh and bag

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7 Responses to “Helen and Olly’s CAMCORDER CHALLENGE 2008”

  1. Gareth from Glasgow Says:

    PS. 2nd and 3rd place seem to have taken their videos down, webpeeps.

  2. Gareth from Glasgow Says:

    They should have been MY HUNGRY GROUPIES! *sobs quietly*

  3. dsw from Holt Says:

    yo great vid. guys from huddersfield

  4. Laura from Sittingbourne Says:

    Yay, third place lol, higher than I thought I would get. Congrats to 2nd and 1st place – they were better vids :). (Anyone willing to light fireworks is supposed to win in my eyes)
    Umm I am not sure what to say about the bookcase – you have good taste Olly, and I hope it is useful for you.

    Love to your mothers
    Laura from Sittingbourne.

  5. Gareth from Glasgow Says:

    Thanks for the mention, guys!

  6. krabbers Says:


  7. GFT Says:

    Hey, cool blog.

    My video of two cats that look like Martin the Soundman and Helen is up here…

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