Oh look, we wrote a book!

It is called Answer Me This!. Don’t look so surprised.

It is the literary (cough) adaptation of this podcast, a parade through some of our favourite questions since the show began in January 2007, plus all-new material too.

Here’s a sample of it for you to read yourselves:

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If that there print is too small, click here to download a PDF

It is illustrated by listener Joe List, who you may remember came 5th in our 2009 Photoshop Challenge. You can see more of his marvellous work at joelist.co.uk.

Adam Buxton recommends it, The Guardian says it is “a cheerful and chunky volume that’s perfect for the festive market… and acts as the perfect introduction to Zaltzman and Mann’s offbeat but infectious sense of humour”, and Heat has awarded it four stars, saying it is “a great collection” and “very funny”. And why would they lie? So BUY IT:

Book Depository
(free delivery worldwide for non-UK readers)

iBook (for all the iDevices)
Kindle (also for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch if you install the free Kindle App)
Waterstone’s (for Sony Reader, Elonex, iRiver and CyBook)

Copies of the book signed by Helen and Olly are available with free UK delivery from our favourite local bookshop, The Bookseller Crow in Crystal Palace. You can pay with PayPal through this page on their website, or call them on 02087718831.


23 Responses to “Oh look, we wrote a book!”

  1. Nate Dovel Says:

    Thought I’d leave an update to my previous question about how Americans might go about downloading the ebook version of Answer Me This: The Book, which is sadly only officially available for download from Amazon’s UK store. UPDATE: VICTORY IS MINE! I simply went to the “Manage My Kindle” page of Amazon’s account settings, and changed my location from United States to United Kingdom. You have to enter an a verifiable address and phone number, but I just put in those for the House of Parliament (20 Dean’s Yard, London SW1A 0AA, United Kingdom, ph# 020 7219 3000) and it accepted it, your book now shows up when I search for it on the American site, and I have purchased it with my worthless American currency! So answer me this, Helen and Olly: am I at risk of going to Hades for such a bald-faced effrontery to the conventions of international business transactions? And should we even care if I AM going to burn, considering that I’ll have something good to read while being whipped by demons, and you are now $6.60 richer? Hope this information was helpful! Thanks, guys!

  2. Moz Says:

    Im about a third of the way through the book. And, so far, i see you have used 2 of my questions! Not only that, one of them in the essential first few pages! Essential for the punter reading the beginning of the (Fantastic!) book and decide wether to part with your hard earned dosh. I fear my question might dissuade people from buying said (mighty, mighty fine!) book though. Which would be a shame.

    But….ANSWER ME THIS!! With (so far) 2 questions in your (Brillo) book, can i now pass myself as a published author? And, if so, what is the attire of said occupation? Im thinking burgendy crushed velvet jacket with fag in cigarette holder.

  3. Nate Dovel Says:

    Is there a way for us decadent, smelly Americans to download the ebook? It’s not on Amazon.com, and on Amazon.co.uk, and it says it is not available for customers outside the UK. I’d love to give you fine funnypeople my money! Thank you!

  4. Holly Says:

    Thank you so much for writing the book. I love it, especially the flags. Am now trying to get my hubby hooked on AMT.

  5. melissa Says:

    Hooray for the Rough Trade East signing – it’s right around the corner from our offices so my husband and I will be popping round. It’s also a good excuse to hit up Daddy Donkey for lunch afterwards, too!

  6. Gordon Hodgson Says:

    Did you guys say there’d be a Kindle / iBooks version coming up at all?

    • Olly Mann Says:

      Yes! Definitely Kindle. Not iBooks, sadly, but of course you can get the Kindle app for iPad and iPhone and read it that way. Will keep you posted when it’s released.

  7. James Says:

    Bought the book yesterday, great purchase!

  8. Harry Says:

    are you coming to manchester to do a signin!!!!

  9. Debbie Says:

    The book is out of stock at the Book Depository and not on the U.S. Amazon site. How do we non-UK folks get the book? Answer me that.

    • Reva Says:

      You can get it on the amazon,UK site but the shipping is 2 pounds more that the book, the total was $21 & change US. I had the same trouble with the Book Depository & wrote them. Apparently the publisher is restricting which countries it is being sent to and we aren’t on the list.

      • helenzaltzman Says:

        I gather Book Depository has restocked. Hurrah!

        The publisher isn’t restricting the book; they don’t actually own the rights for US and Canada, so another company has to buy it in order to sell it properly over there. Fingers crossed that one will!

  10. Jerry Says:

    Oooh! Big type and lots of white space!

  11. Susan Low Says:

    Personal appearance at the Bookseller Crow in CP perhaps?

  12. pete from somerset Says:

    was gonna buy a copy, BUT THEN I WON A COPY 😀

  13. Rhiannon Says:

    ahhhhh yaay XD love reading + love amt = happy rhi XD xx

  14. mathew seymour Says:

    really looking forward to this book,.think i may end up with a new favourite book 😀

  15. Yvonne Says:

    This is such excellent news (and the book is long overdue, you slackers!!). It’s taken care of several Christmas presents and a couple of birthdays as well, so thanks for making the lives of so many of your listeners a great deal easier because now we don’t even have to think about what to give – hurrah! Well done guys – hope this is the huge success it bloody well deserves to be! 🙂

  16. Neil Says:

    excellent news!

  17. Ann Says:

    Christmas shopping, done!

  18. Ryan Says:

    Sounds amazing! Yay for new podcast series as well! 🙂

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