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“Please raise a toast to…debt collection”

April 19, 2012

Another member of Team AMT is bitter and ready to smite innocent bystanders. It is Chris in Manchester:

I am shortly going to be best man at a wedding in which my ex-girlfriend will be attending. When we broke up she took it upon herself to ‘borrow’ £200 off me and not pay it back, as she claims she can’t pay what she hasn’t got. Should I use my best man’s speech to name and shame the thieving b@£$h in an attempt to get her to pay up?

NO. Unless the ongoing friendship of the groom is worth less to you than £200.

Instead, keep under cover. Start by slipping a threatening note into the little box of sugared almonds or whatever wedding favour they have laid at her place setting. Ramp up the menace by slipping a dead bird under her napkin. Then wait for her outside the Posh Portaloos with a crowbar.