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Lobe’s Labours Lost

February 26, 2014



Here’s a question of body adornment from Marek in Bangkok:

For the last two years and a half I’ve been living in Chongqing. It’s one of the biggest cities in China but somewhat behind when it comes to fashion trends. I’m currently in Bangkok enjoying my last days here before returning to China and I noticed something that I wanted to ask you about.

There are so many ‘alternative’ people in Bangkok, especially on Khao San road which is brimming with hipstourists, so I was wondering – what happens to your ear once you remove a tunnel from it? You know what I’m talking about, these weird pieces of jewelry that you put in your earlobe.

I was sitting next to a guy who had a tunnel in his ear and it was massive. I remember when I was leaving Europe to come to China people were also putting them in their ears, but tunnels were quite small. Apparently lots has changed since 2011…

Anyway, what happens to your ear once you decide you no longer want to look like you have Dyson’s new bladeless fan installed in your ear? I can’t imagine the hole in your ear just disappears. Or does it? Please help!

I’m no expert, and I’m still too queasy from the previous post to make a diligent effort to research, but I understand that once your flesh tunnel has been stretched beyond a certain dimension, upon removal of the ornament you’d be left with this earlobe situation:


You could have surgery to prune your excess earlobes; or you could keep them, so that when you’re old and saggy, you can hitch them to your waistband to keep your trousers up.