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bad Bad Ischl

October 24, 2012


Not everyone would want to claim it, so it’s nice of Gareth to pipe up:

While listening to you discussing the birthplace of the industrial revolution in Episode 233, Olly asked in passing where the first world war started. Well I am pleased to tell you that it was started in my home town of Bad Ischl in Austria. Everyone round here is very proud of the imperial history of the town. The Kaisers came to Bad Ischl for generations to take the waters and relax.

You can have guided tour of the Kaiser Villa and they glow with excitement as they show you the desk at which Kaiser Franz Joseph wrote the letter declaring war on Serbia. This on its own is not odd, but they also every year have the ‘Kaiser Bummel’ where they cover every street in the town with red carpet and have food stalls, beer and live music. All while a man and woman dressed as the Kaiser and Sissy his wife ‘bummel’ (walk slowly) around town.

If you ask me, this seem a bit over the top for a man that started the First World War. I don’t recall any yearly street parades in Ranshofen with people dressing as Hitler.

Probably for the best.


EPISODE 224 – Socks for Seamen

July 19, 2012

Hello listeners,

This week, we hint at the reason behind one of the most pressing mysteries of the 1990s. Not what happened to Princess Di, nor what became of Richey Edwards, but why Mick Hucknall decided to hack off his dreadlocks. Discover all in Answer Me This! Episode 224:

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We also consider:

stage kissing
business kissing
The WI in WWI
Great British cheeses
Whoopi Goldberg
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo vs. Men Who Hate Women
fabric conditioner vs. towels
going cold turkey on caffeine
Adelaide Hoodless
dead landladies.

Plus: Olly wishes to replace his happy childhood with a lot of bonking; Helen launches her campaign for more Wigmore cheese to be made (WigMORE! WigMORE!); and think carefully before accepting Martin the Sound Man’s handshake, because you may be getting a whole lot more physical contact than you bargained for.

You can hear more of Martin on the new episode of Getting Better Acquainted podcast; you can hear more of Helen on Jesse Thorn’s International Waters; and you can hear more of Olly on this week’s Bit of Crap on the App (available on iDevices and Android), in which he wonders how to dispose of a brick of fishy-tasting Norwegian cheese. You can hear more of all of us on the Answer Me This! Sports Day, of course.

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See you next Thursday,

Helen & Olly