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Thursday Listening Party

February 26, 2015


On the Thursdays we don’t release a new AMT, we crank up the spoken word audio and have a Thursday Listening Party.
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What have you been listening to lately, AMTpals? Share your picks in the comments.

Emerging podcast trend: episode-by-episode dissections of TV shows. I think it gathered momentum during the final act of Breaking Bad, and over the last few months more and more of such shows have sprouted up. I previously mentioned the Twin Peaks rewatch Fire Talk With Me, and I’ve just become aware of TWO shows devoted to Columbo: The Columbo Podcast and Just One More Thing. However, I’ve not actually formed a habit for any of these shows – until Slate’s TV Club Insider series on The Americans. In the podcast, the people who actually make the show talk about how they solve tricky plotting and shooting problems, manage to direct actors speaking foreign languages, and film scenes in which a [SPOILER] is [SPOILERED] and shoved into a [SPOILER].

I’ve been stacking up podcasts which I have not yet had time to hear; top of the pile is Employee of the Month with Catie Lazarus – the guest list looks great. I’ve also been chaining older episodes of Love + Radio. Now, kiddos, this is not a show to listen to with your nun friends, and it covers myriad topics of a sensitive nature; but it is very worth your time. Some of the episodes that made a strong impression on me: ‘Insane vs Unsane‘, ‘The List‘, ‘Dirty Balloons‘, ‘The Superchat‘. Go.

The gents of South London Hardcore came over to the AMT stronghold to chat with me and Martin about podcasting, Crystal Palace, Roman Mars, our sexually loud former neighbours, and soforth.

Listened to AMT308 yet? No? Shame on you! Shaaaaame!

A new episode of the Mann-helmed Media Podcast should be landing any moment, so keep refreshing your feeds.

On the latest Allusionist, I investigate something which had puzzled me for 20+ years: why a Finnish radio station broadcasts a weekly news bulletin in Latin. Renegades!

If you need yet more of me talking about myself: here’s one interview I did with the New Statesman; here’s another, with the women of Radiotopia and Invisibilia, on Ravishly; there’ll be another on The Timbre‘s site tomorrow [UPDATE: it has arrived]; and here’s another in this documentary about podcasting:

See you next Thursday for AMT309!