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Thursday Listening Party

June 4, 2015


On the Thursdays with no new AMT, we crank up the spoken word audio and have a Thursday Listening Party.
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I was on the News Quiz last week! If you hurry, it’ll still be a tiny bit topical. It’s on the BBC website (there’s a redux version as well somewhere apparently) and the Friday Night Comedy podcast feed on iTunes etc. So do I still sound just like Sandi Toksvig? (Or Rebecca Front, Jeremy Hardy and Francis Wheen?)

In the latest Allusionist, I found out how the word ‘pride’ was chosen in 1970 for LGBT civil rights events. It was fascinating, especially to discover what the Quakers and Black Power had to do with the movement. Listen at or here:

Olly Mann has been busy this week – as well as hosting Guardian Tech Weekly and The Media Podcast and his LBC shows, he’s set up his own Facebook page, so like to express your affection.

What have you been listening to this week? Share your recent favourite noises in the comments.

The ‘Britney’ episode of Mystery Show
was such fun. Starlee Kine’s investigations are full of surprises, but perhaps the biggest one in this was her conversation with a beleaguered-sounding man in a call centre.

This was a really interesting and entertaining episode of Song Exploder featuring Tune-yards (I can’t with their official upper/lower case salad, sorry Tune-yards) talking about what went into their song ‘Water Fountain’.

The Radiotopisiblings have been on terrific form, as ever: I particularly loved ‘How to be a Princess’ from The Heart and the ‘Art de Vivre’ two-parter from Theory of Everything.

Altogether, it has been a good week for my ears, and I hope for yours too.