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EPISODE 235 – good British pizza

November 1, 2012

YES. There are still a few days left till the polls, so America, put all your support behind one AMTfan’s campaign to get Helen’s mum to be your president.

Also, everybody everywhere, listen to Answer Me This! Episode 235:

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Today we consider:

the phrase ‘When in Rome’
in-store radio stations
Jim Carrey’s canine car
Paul the psychic octopus
Daryl Denim
supermarket censorship
James Bond’s eccentric tastes
money-grabbing Methodist missionaries.

Plus: Olly looks into his political crystal ball and sees Condi there; Helen broke a letter chain as a child, so little wonder she is a lonely layabout now; and Martin the Sound Man needs to delete his search history before we all find out why he knows such a lot about horse fluffers.

In this week’s Bit of Crap on the App (available for iDevices and Android) we examine how the scandal raging around Jimmy Savile could have devastating effects…upon the cement industry.

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Helen & Olly


Miss Marple: marriage wrecker?

November 1, 2012


Apropos of AMT234‘s contemplation of the sexual preferences of Agatha Christie’s fictional detectives, Hannah from Bedford writes:

I don’t know if this is something that comes up in the books, but in the ITV shows, Poirot does have a romantic relationship with a Russian woman, so seemingly he might be heterosexual. Obviously this doesn’t rule out the idea of him having repressed homosexual feelings like you were saying.

Similarly Miss Marple has an affair with a married soldier during WWII, he dies during the war and she doesn’t seem to have any other romantic relationships.

That stinks of TELLY MEDDLING. You know why? Firstly, because Marple does not seem the type to plant begonias in another woman’s herbaceous border. Secondly, because Miss Marple first appeared in print, already an elderly spinster, in 1926, thirteen years before the Second World War broke out. Although, as the final Miss Marple novel was written in 1971, it is possible that she did have that affair when already pretty ancient, then pined after him until her death at the age of 120 or so.

“Phwoar. Have him scrubbed and brought to my tent.”