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A brief history of band T-shirts

August 5, 2014



Thanks, Josh from Cambridge, New Zealand, for supplying a little book-learning:

Really enjoyed AMT294 and was intrigued by your segment on the first rock T shirts.

I thought you might be interested in the following timeline for the development of the rock T shirt, as we know it, as recorded by authors Amber Easby and Henry Oliver in their book The Art of the Band T-shirt (Simon & Schuster).

1956 Elvis Presley’s record company produces a shirt to promote four of his singles.

1964 The Beatles commemorate their US tour with a special T-shirt for fans.

1967 The Monkees produce T-shirts for their tours.

1970 The Allman Brothers make a T-shirt, not as merchandise but for family, band members and crew.

1971 Grateful Dead produce their tie-dye shirt – starting a 40-year tradition.

1973 Concert promoters produce a shirt for a festival, promoting three bands at once – The Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead and The Band.

1973 Promoters bring out a T-shirt for a Yes tour, and make $250,000 profit from them.

The T-shirt as merchandise is up and running!

Here’s a sweet gallery with people’s anecdotes about their band T-shirts; readers, which one do you treasure? I’ll come clean: I’ve never had one. But I do have a Pixies shopping bag.

PS For sweet AMT merch, visit our Cafepress store. My dad is a big fan of his AMT apron in yellow.


EPISODE 228 – how many nutcrackers does one man need?

August 16, 2012

The time has come, dear listeners, for us to pack up our microphones for a month and head off on holiday. But before we go, we tackle some very important questions indeed:

• Should one allow one’s allergies interrupt the loss of one’s virginity?
• What counts as a museum, once and for all?
• What IS R Kelly on about?

Discover those answers and more in Answer Me This! Episode 228:

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We also consider:

Wenlock and Mandeville
chocolate hotels
fake Rolexes
Ralph Lauren’s giant horse
badges vs. pins
dead Elvis vs. dead Lenin
Bryan Adams vs. Bryan Adams
the Pencil Museum vs. the Yo-yo Museum vs. the Nutcracker Museum
Mr T jigsaws
necrophilia in Snow White
Jason Biggs, his wife, and their craven need for attention
Père Lachaise cemetery
Olympic memorabilia
bizarre B&Bs
sexy Jenga.

Plus: Olly explains a ‘reverse American Pie‘, and no, you won’t find it in More! Magazine’s ‘Position of the Fortnight’ archives; Helen’s toilet is like Kanye West, and not because he has a pottymouth; and Martin the Sound Man had just about recovered from the disappointment that was Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness when Prometheus came along and crushed his expectations all over again.

This week’s Bit of Crap on the App is a question from Jennifer from Pittsburgh about whether being struck by lightning affects your ability to use technology; assuming the after-effects of that old lightning strike allow it, use your iDevices and Android to peruse the app.

Until we return on Thursday 20th September, here are some means of busying yourself:

1. Listen to us on BBC 5 Live, 1-4pm on Monday 27th August, talking about all sorts of fun and diverse listening materials in our special bank holiday show Required Listening.
2. Tune in to Olly on LBC, 20th-24th August between 1-4am. That’s right, am. Unless you live in a different time zone and it’s a perfectly civilised hour there.
3. Vote for Helen to go to SXSW next year, on a podcasting panel with Jesse Thorn and Roman Mars.
4. Listen to Martin’s music. It is much less obscene than him talking.
5. Have a go on our albums, our first 120 episodes, and some other nice podcasts.
6. Concoct QUESTIONS for our next series: leave voicemails on the Question Line (Skype answermethis or dial 0208 123 5877) or send emails to

Have a delightful month, and we look forward to reuniting on 20th September.

Helen & Olly

PS Sadly, the Cars of the Stars museum in Keswick closed down last year. But it still lives forever here:

Manage your Olympics withdrawal with AMT Sports Day