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AMT Home Entertainment

May 22, 2020

We made a new album!!

Like our previous albums – AMT Jubilee, Sports Day, Holiday, Love and Christmas – AMT Home Entertainment is an hourish of all-new AMT material that has never been on the podcast.

All the questions are about how you might homelily entertain yourself, with telly, music, films, food and some YouTube deep cuts. We discover:

🌴 What IS a wonderwall?
🎥 What was the first movie to have a director’s cut?
🐘 What’s with the big wooden elephants in Les Miserables and Moulin Rouge?
🅾️ What’s with blood groups in The Simpsons?
📺 Are TED speakers allowed teleprompters?
🍔 When did Justin Timberlake stop singing ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ at the end of the McDonald’s ads?
🍳 Why doesn’t Cathy eat breakfast in this, er, thought-provoking educational film/Dairy Council propaganda from the 1970s??


For a limited period only, AMT Home Entertainment is available for £paywhatyouwant at

So if you want to pay the future RRP of £3.49, fine! If you want to pay more, we will not complain! And if you want to pay less, or even £0 or $0 or €0, please do! Whatever you do pay goes straight into making more AMT.

The album art is by the excellent Joe List, whom you can find at and on Instagram and Twitter @joelist. (You may recall that, way back when, Joe illustrated the AMT book after his magnificent entry to our 2009 Photoshop Challenge!)

So scoot over to to download AMT Home Entertainment for as little as £0!