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Jewish race tongue

December 11, 2012



Above is a photo sent to us by Stephen in Tokyo, who asks:

What is a Jewish race tongue?

I’ve attached a photo of the English version of instructions for disposing of rubbish in my building. The instructions won’t win any prizes for literary style but I can just about guess what it most of it means…except for the bit about a Jewish race tongue. What is it and how big is one? Is there a chance that I may have unwittingly disposed of one in the wrong fashion?

Readers, could you go to the comments to shed light up this? Perhaps you could feed the phrase ‘Jewish race tongue’ into Google Translate, turn it back into Japanese, and translate that properly.


EPISODE 92 – how many people have seen a ghost’s genitals?

April 23, 2009

Dear stars of the podcast-listening world,

After watching and rewatching clips of Susan Boyle, your ears probably need a bit of a rest from sublime noise, no? Well, we have the perfect thing – Answer Me This! Episode 92:

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On this week’s agenda are:

hair dye for men
ghost masochists
humane killing tips from Richard Madeley
Richard Feynman
talcum powder
equine respiratory flaws
the smell of lemons.

Plus, Olly craves an iPhone (it’s his birthday coming up! Hint hint!); Helen tells you how to combine book preservation with solvent abuse; and Martin the Sound Man proves to be a lot burlier than anyone could have predicted. So watch his new music video or he’ll duff you up, right?

As usual, please send us your QUESTIONS by calling 0208 123 5877, Skypeing answermethis or emailing us at; but please also help us settle this question:

And that’s all for this week!


Helen and Olly

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