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arbitrary aversions

January 29, 2014


Here’s a question from Joe in Kent:

For his previous birthday, I bought my friend the complete box set of Arrested Development. Several months later, our mutual friend told me that said person refuses to watch the TV show Arrested Development because he doesn’t like the band Arrested Development.

Answer me this: am I right in thinking that that is really weird? Isn’t that like refusing to listen to the musician Dennis Wilson because his name sounds a bit like the serial killer Dennis Nilsen?*

Also, have any of you experienced similarly weird prejudices based on such a tenuous connection?

First question first: yes, quite weird, given the overlap between the adventures of Mr Wendal and the Bluth family is pretty small – unless, using the money donated by the song’s narrator, Mr Wendal works his way up to a successful frozen banana business?

Alternatively: perhaps your friend took a very firm pro-band stance in the battle of Arrested Development vs Arrested Development.

Second question second, I throw out to you readers: go to the comments and tell us about your tenous irrational aversions. Unless you have an irrational aversion to doing that.

*Or, for a closer Dennis Nilsen comparison, the musician Harry Nillson. Do you refuse to listen to ‘Without You‘ because of the mental image of a necrophiliac serial killer blocking his neighbours’ drains because he flushed bits of his victims down the toilet? Guess now you might.