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EPISODE 280 – munting butterflies

November 28, 2013


On this day, dear listeners, we arrive at the final new AMT episode of 2013. We’ll be revisiting some of the Incredible Moments of the AMT year in our Best Of episodes on 12th and 19th December – which as always include some previously unpodcasted Incredible Moments – so please join us for those. Until then, here’s Answer Me This! Episode 280:

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In which we learn about:

Brian May
isolated stone columns
boring men’s fashion
Elijah Wood/Tobey Maguire vs Ryan Gosling/Ryan Reynolds
wearing white after Labor Day
public personal grooming
Shutter Island spoiler alert
pulling at theme parks.

Plus: Olly wouldn’t have his honeymoon at Disney World even if he did get to jump queues and eat free food; if the Zoltar machine in Big had been replaced by a Zaltor machine, Tom Hanks would have received some pedantic grammatical advice from Helen instead; and Martin the Sound Man can’t deal with ultraviolent films like Home Alone.

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See you back here on 12th December for the first installment of the best of AMT2013,

Helen & Olly

AMT280 Child-Friendly Rating: 92%. Phonecall from an actual 6-year-old. Reasonably innocent hangover chat, and surprisingly clean discussion of hook-up apps. Two class B swears. Beware, there is a spoiler about the end of Big, which is not a film we want to ruin for your children; there’s also spoiler about Shutter Island, which is not a film your children should be watching yet so it doesn’t really matter.


EPISODE 96 – donkey pin fail

May 21, 2009

Woo woo, listeners, it’s almost the weekend, and a three-day weekend to boot! We’re going to spend ours lazing, faffing and tarrying; how about you? Have you time in your hectic schedules for Episode 96? It’s just a click away:

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The minutes of the podcast:

venison hearts
jury service
Only Fools and Horses
Rageh Omaar
the surprise common ground between Ricky Martin and the Stone Roses
Harold Robbins paperbacks
correct newsreader attire
Carl Linnaeus
Aberdeen Steak House

Plus, Olly emulates Marlon Brando’s Oscar acceptance; Helen finds steam-baking wanting; and Martin the Sound Man gets bullied for his appearance, poor lamb. Cheer him up by subscribing to his podcast on its new feed, why don’t you?

We know how much you love to ask us QUESTIONS, so by all means keep doing that: call 0208 123 5877, Skype answermethis or email Also if you have a care for such a thing, post comments below with your toppest advice for people moving to the UK, because the vagaries of Britain can prove overwhelming to the newbie…

Ok, gotta dash, but we’ll see you next week, right?

Helen and Olly

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