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EPISODE 99 – handjob on the dancefloor

July 9, 2009

Welcome to the new series, listeners!

And welcome to the last episode before we hit triple figures. Next week’s podcast will of course be our Live Super-Festive Snazzy Centenary Extravaganza at the iTunes Festival, but until then there’s Not-Live Non-Festive Moderately Snazzy Nonanovantian Normalaganza, Episode 99:

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To limber up after the month off, we contemplate:

Stanley Kubrick’s stationery
Paul McCartney’s flatmate potential
spreadable butter
sleeve tatts
onion bhajis
Apple Barn
Dannii Minogue
this unconvincingly world-famous restaurant gimmick
messy Kate Nash
flesh tunnels.

Plus: Olly talks utter balls about balls; in a tortoise vs. hare-style victory, Helen’s book beats the internet in a race to be informative; and Martin the Sound Man finally builds up a bit of resistance to basic innuendo, although not without some false starts.

We may be getting on, but our tastes haven’t changed: we want YOUR QUESTIONS, and we want them now! Well, not now, but soonish, for the new series. So please gather them and email them to, or deliver with your voice into our answering machine on the other end of 0208 123 5877 or Skype id answermethis.

See you next week, when we will score a podcasting century!

Helen and Olly

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