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Thursday Listening Party

April 3, 2014



This week, prepare yourselves for a FRIDAY listening party, because tomorrow, 4th April 2014, the first part of our documentary Podcasting: The First Ten Years will be on Radio 4 at 11am British Summer Time. The second part goes out at 11am on 11th April, so mark your calendar accordingly; and each episode will be available on BBC iPlayer shortly thereafter. A lot of people have been asking whether a show about podcasting will be podcasted, but that would be TOO obvious (ie we don’t know whether it will, but shall let you know if it is).

If you like podcasts, we’ll wager you’ll enjoy the documentary because we interview some really top notch podcasters, including: Marc Maron; Richard Herring; Jeffrey and Joseph of Welcome to Night Vale; Keith and the Girl; Roman Mars of 99% Invisible; Betty in the Sky; Ewan Spence of the ESC Insight and the Edinburgh Fringe Show; Theresa Thorn of One Bad Mother; Pete Donaldson of The Football Ramble; Adam Curry; and John Oliver, my brother Andy Zaltzman, and producer Chris Skinner of the Bugle. We also speak to the man who invented the word ‘podcasting’, Ben Hammersley, who frankly doesn’t seem all that proud of it. Cheer up, Ben; nobody seems to have any better suggestions yet.

So to recap: 11am Radio 4 on 4th and 11th April, and then on iPlayer. Alright? Onto some other noises:

Here’s a double shot of my Sound Women Podcast. Episode 11 features DJs Annie Mac, B.Traits and Monki:

Episode 12 is all educational, featuring university lecturer Kate Murphy and the work of the freshly Radio Academy Award-nominated, plus a shedload of good advice from seasoned radio professionals:

Martin the Sound Man has been busy: in the new episode of Brain Train, he gets schooled about Frida Kahlo. And in th’s month’s edition of his Sound of the Ladies podcast, he produces a song by AMTpal Dave Pickering.

Dave makes podcasts including Getting Better Acquainted, and you should definitely listen because hooray, it is Personal Season! In episode 154 Dave talks to his dad about open relationships and losing his virginity, which I could not discuss with my own dad without a hellmouth opening and devouring the whole of south-east England.

Want more? Here are some other shows that we like, and here are other shows that we are in:

Catch up on AMT286 to learn how Olly wowed the ladies (and gentlemen) at his school leavers’ ball.
Olly’s on LBC every weekday 1am-4am. If you’re an insomniac, a night worker, or in a time zone where those hours are compatible with waking life, tune in.
Every Saturday I’m on BBC 5 Live’s Saturday Edition, available subsequently as the podcast Let’s Talk About Tech.
AMT episodes 1-170 and the special AMT albums are all available for a trifling price at, and if you buy any of them you’re bankrolling the podcast, so thank you very much indeed.

What’s on your own Thursday Listening Party playlist? Tell us in the comments.