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Every cloud…

March 31, 2010

** Click here for Episode 128 **

There’s not a great deal of cuteness here at Answer Me This!, so thanks very much to Heather from Manchester for supplying some:

Do you have a mascot? If not, my guinea pig Cloud would like to apply. She has had no previous mascot-training; however she is very enthusiastic and will work for free! She even has her own yellow Answer Me This! jacket. Here is a picture of Cloud posing in her uniform for you to look at.

All together now, awwwwww! And also, doesn’t Cloud look a bit pissed off to be forced into a yellow garment? Or is that just her modelling face?

We’re not sure what mascot duties would include, but certainly couldn’t discount having one just yet; so if any of the rest of you want to send us nice pictures of your pets dressed up in home-made Answer Me This! merch, then we can audition them for such mascot-necessary qualities as…er…looking good in yellow and not shitting on the job? Anyway, send in your photos to, and we can have some sort of X Factor-style contest, only without that infernal singing.

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