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Thursday Listening Party

July 30, 2015


On the Thursdays with no new AMT, we crank up the spoken word audio and have a Thursday Listening Party.
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What good stuff have you been listening to this month? I loved:

The Accidental Gay Parents episode of The Longest Shortest Time; and now there’s a second instalment.
The ‘Last Chance to Evacuate Earth’ episode of Here Be Monsters, about the Heaven’s Gate cult.
This very jaunty 99% Invisible about the AIDS red ribbon.
Next on my audio list: fifty years of Annie Nightingale on the radio. Fifty! I interviewed Annie last year, and she still seemed completely excited about and unjaded by her work, despite having done half a century of it.

Catch Olly on the Guardian’s Tech Weekly and LBC. Martin has a new episode of The Global Lab about knowing what rhinos look like before you could watch a David Attenborough documentary about rhinos. And in the new Allusionist, I find out about why stepmothers are so evil, with the assistance of Aaron Mahnke from Lore (a podcast which will be right up many of your streets, I’ll wager).

Catch up on AMT319, in which questioneers have problems with mustard, flags and a dominatrix.


Thursday Listening Party

July 17, 2014

On the Thursdays which don’t involve new episodes of AMT, we crank up the spoken word audio and have a Thursday Listening Party.

Now now, I did warn you last week that AMT294 won’t appear till Thursday 24th. Please don’t give me the puppy eyes… NOT THE PUPPY EYES! Look, here’s a picture of Martin the Sound Man enjoying his holiday on a lava field.

Stuff to stuff into your earholes instead:

A couple of weeks ago, we gathered at the Regent Street Apple Store with Bugle producer Chris Skinner and Football Rambler Pete Donaldson to talk about our podcasting lives. Audio and video of the event is now available here.

Here’s a new episode of the Sound Women podcast, in which the first female DJ ever on Radio 1 (and still going strong there, 44 years on!) Annie Nightingale is an absolute bloody legend:

I popped up on last week’s Media Podcast*, with Newsbeat’s Alex Hudson and guest host Miranda Sawyer:

*And if you chipped in some cash to save the show, thanks! After a Kickstarter win, the show is galloping on for the next year.

Other audio for your attention:

Here’s a rather excellent documentary about Jeff Buckley‘s tour that brought him to London twenty years ago.

Fans of barbed wire are generally neglected by radio, but Radio 4 has thrown you a bone with ‘The Devil’s Rope’.

This week I discovered a cache of three-year-old Adam and Joe podcasts still lurking on my phone. God I miss those guys… Have any of you found a worthwhile substitute yet?

Our various other gigs:

Catch up on AMT293 and the episodes preceding it.
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Olly’s on LBC every weekday 1am-4am. Who needs sleep?
I host the monthly Sound Women podcast and am on Let’s Talk About Tech from BBC 5 Live.
Martin the Sound Man makes numerous other podcasts, including Brain Train, The Global Lab and The Sound of the Ladies.