The Answer Me This! Players

Our fantastic jingles are all thanks to the Answer Me This! Players, an ever-changing line-up of vocalists and musicians:

Richard Acton
Richard Barker
Julie Rose Bower
Ben Clark
Philip Contos
Matthew Crosby
Alex Daltas
Kimon Daltas
Jay Foreman
Jim Footner
Stuart Goldsmith
Tommy Herbert
Miranda Horvath
Josie Long
Ishbel McFarlane
Ahsan Nazir
Joanna Neary
Gavin Osborn
Sam Pay
Tom Price
Jonathan Roberts
Lizzie Roper
Wilbur Sargunaraj
Amy Smith
Nathan Snyder
Alex Thomas
Holly Walsh
Julie Wang
Martin White.

But we are most indebted to Martin the Sound Man, who holds the whole ensemble together, often with a microphone cable tied as a noose.

We also play a few fantastic jingles recorded by our listeners, and you’re very welcome to do the same if you’re so inclined: email your compositions (containing no copyrighted tunes please) to


One Response to “The Answer Me This! Players”

  1. Nickcres Says:

    Any idea where I can find a recording of the jingles? I love the shalom Aleichem! I’m a Jerusalem artichoke…one. I NEED it as my ring tone..

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