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Your Beautiful Faces – a camcorder challenge update

September 7, 2008

Our new series starts on October 1st. Meanwhile click here for Episode 69.

Well. We’re just ONE WEEK into Helen and Olly’s Camcorder Challenge, and, good Lord, have you lovely people OUTDONE yourselves with some stunning interactive fan-fun?

Yes You Have.

A quick glance at the entries so far should explain our delight – but here are some STATISTICS for those of you who understand numbers more than emotions:
• More than 1300 views of our YouTube video!
• Eleven amazing Video Responses entering the competition!
• … and all of this to win a prize that is only worth £15 in the first place!

Yes, it’s been pretty damn exciting to see the FACES of faithful Questioneers like Sarah from Gaytown, Leon from Northumberland, and, YES!!!, Graham from Canada. And it’s been equally lovely to witness the incredible range of questions spouting from their mouths.

But, needless to say, we have our favourites…

HELEN continues her appreciation of KRABBERS‘ oeuvre, with his contribution including arty black-and-white photography, a pet rabbit, and ‘territorial piss flicks’:

OLLY, meanwhile, admires the simplicity of this amusing question from charming regular contributor MARK FROM ESSEX:

… but MARTIN THE SOUND MAN, never known to indulge in narcissism, seems to prefer this one by the crafty GARETH FROM GLASGOW:

BUT this competition is all about how many views each entrant gets, not what we think! The current leader is an oddly philosophical question from superfan LITERARY SPOT, who has shown impressive ingenuity in getting 622 views of her clip so far. But it’s all to play for! There are still THREE WEEKS left to run on this baby!

The winner WILL win an AMT! messenger bag AND be the first question we read out in the new series of Answer Me This! There can BE no more inspiring prize!*
(*at our current budget)

So ENTER the competition now – full Terms and Conditions at

… We’re really looking forward to seeing what else you’ve got up your sleeves! Good luck!

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Important Technical Guff

April 3, 2008


Yes, our new episode is out today, but you might not have received it in the usual way. See, our podcast has moved to a new feed. Incredibly, we were Too Popular for our old one. As Olly’s Yiddishe ancestors may have sagely commented, ‘Eh! I should have these problems!’ Etc.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what a ‘feed’ even means. Here’s all you need to know:

If you subscribe to us with iTunes:
Even though your iTunes might have been behaving oddly whilst we switched feeds (sorry about that), Episode 52 should be delivered to your Podcast Library as usual. Check. If it’s there, everything’s working fine – you’re receiving our new feed. Hurrah!

If, however, you haven’t received Episode 52 in your Podcast Library, even after refreshing, then just go to our iTunes Store page and Resubscribe. Our show’s free, so that’s no great shakes, right? Then you should see Episode 52 downloading to your Podcast Library, and you’ll get all our new episodes from now on, just like old times.

If you subscribe via RSS:
You need to subscribe to our new RSS feed. Here it is:

If you listen/get your MP3s of our show through this website:
It’s your lucky day. None of this ‘pressing the subscribe button again’ for you! All the links on this site should work fine.

If any of you have other technical problems we haven’t covered here, do email us to let us know, and we’ll do our best to sort it out. Of course, that’s the address for non-technical problems too, like whether you should go out with that guy you like but you’re not sure if he likes you. We’re a service in so many ways.

Helen and Olly

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Technology is a bumlord

July 28, 2007

**To listen to Episode 25, click HERE **


Some of you may have noticed that, in the past few days, this “website” hasn’t really been working “properly”.

This is due to our “friends” at the company who handle our mp3 files going a bit “renegade” and changing all the filenames of all the podcasts we’ve ever done, so none of our links are working.

We’ve been trying to fix it, and you should now be able to listen to our most recent episodes through this site by clicking on the players in the posts below. Everything should be back to “normal” soon.


p.s. If you subscribe to us on iTunes, you’ll see that it has also reacted to these changes in its own delightful manner, and in a fit of confusion will try to offer you ‘new’ versions of episodes you’ve already listened to. No need to panic – when episode 26 comes out it’ll automatically land in your iTunes as usual.

To sum up roughly how we feel about this situation, here is a picture of a horse having a piss:

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Join our fanclub on Facebook!

May 2, 2007

Of course, we know that many of you subscribe to us on iTunes, thereby helping us move up the podcast chart and reach new listeners.

And that many more of you still have added us to your MySpace friends to help share your love for us with all your Murdoch-loving comrades who like the same sort of songs and films, or something.

But now, friends, is the time to show you REALLY care about our podcast, and are quite literally MAD for some interactive fun on our behalf…


This club has only been active for a few days and already has 45 members. Think what we could achieve in a few weeks! SHARED PHOTOS! BULLETINS! INTERLINKED FRIENDSHIP GROUPS! REGRETTABLE BUT IRREVERSIBLE DIGITIZATIONS OF OUR ENTIRE LIVES!

It’s all to play for, people.

Seriously – if you like our podcast, and you’re on Facebook, please do join the fanclub– and help spread the word.

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Please welcome to the stage: EPISODE 1!

January 2, 2007

This classic episode is available to BUY NOW for just 79p, through a secure PayPal server, without DRM restriction; or through iTunes. CLICK HERE to find out more and support our podcast. (This helps keep our most recent episodes free)

Greetings, chums.

The aural treat you’ve been waiting for since December last year, and, indeed, YOUR WHOLE LIFE, is finally online! Yep, Episode 1 of Answer Me This! is LIVE!!

Topics covered in this week’s episode include:
phone codes
Janeane Garafalo (whereabouts of)
pret a manger
cadbury’s boost bars (whereabouts of)

Go on, feast your ears. And stuff them full of sound every week by subscribing to us on iTunes . We’re confident our listeners have the smarts for this moderately laborious process. It’s TOTALLY worth it!

Thanks very much to this week’s Questioneers – Claire, Luke, Leander, Mr Smeam, Greg, Karen and Alistair. We hope you’re satisfied with our service.

We’ll be back next week. If you’d like YOUR question to feature in a future episode, email us at

Helen and Olly

p.s. Many thanks to Martin and the Answer Me This players, who provided our excellent theme tune and assorted jingley-pokery.
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January 1, 2007

* Click here for the lastest edition of our podcast *

LOOK! It’s a bruise on Helen’s arm that looks like a cock and balls!
Our question to listeners this week is – how do you think Helen came to have such an amusingly-shaped bruise?

Answers as always to

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ANSWER ME THIS! Teaser Trailer online now

December 8, 2006


Listen to this.

If you are intrigued by it, come back in January for some hardcore podcasting action.

If you are not intrigued by it, come back in January anyway. In the light of the new year you will see that your initial impressions were wrong.

We are very excited about it all.

Start submitting your questions to