Please welcome to the stage: EPISODE 1!


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Greetings, chums.

The aural treat you’ve been waiting for since December last year, and, indeed, YOUR WHOLE LIFE, is finally online! Yep, Episode 1 of Answer Me This! is LIVE!!

Topics covered in this week’s episode include:
phone codes
Janeane Garafalo (whereabouts of)
pret a manger
cadbury’s boost bars (whereabouts of)

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Thanks very much to this week’s Questioneers – Claire, Luke, Leander, Mr Smeam, Greg, Karen and Alistair. We hope you’re satisfied with our service.

We’ll be back next week. If you’d like YOUR question to feature in a future episode, email us at

Helen and Olly

p.s. Many thanks to Martin and the Answer Me This players, who provided our excellent theme tune and assorted jingley-pokery.
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One Response to “Please welcome to the stage: EPISODE 1!”

  1. philip Says:

    awww im broke cant afford to listen to it. i wanna compare it with your newer ones

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