EPISODE 142 – Ghandi levels of self-restraint


Hello pals,

Are we harbouring some pent-up aggression or something? Because Answer Me This! Episode 142 is quite the pugnacious little beast, as we parry questions on how to sock someone in the face, and how to have a good old bloody battle. Bam! Splat! Wallop! Here it is:

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In between blows, we talk about:

Byker Grove vs. Pin Oak Court, Melbourne
Dreamgirls vs. Showgirls
Nicole Lawrence out of the X Factor
The Killer Inside Me

pocket watches
the YMCA
Paul Robinson: panto villain
Michel Gondry
that little pocket in jeans
a famous mouse

Furthermore: Olly disobeys all the Village People’s instructions; Helen tells you all you need to do to become a Somerset celebrity; and Martin the Sound Man cheers up a military history lesson with a burst of Tim Rice.

We also give the behind-the-scenes commentary on our latest video adventure, Great British Questions Episode One: Cheese; if you haven’t already, please take a look at it HERE. Meanwhile, over on the app, this week’s bonus snippet is some incredible insight into those soap opera characters who are written out just as you’re getting used to them. Like Guy Pearce in Home and Away, who knocked up a teenager, promptly died in a car crash, then turned up in Memento denying all knowledge. DID SOPHIE MEAN NOTHING TO YOU, GUY???

As always we yearn for your QUESTIONS with every particle of our being, so submit them to us in the form of a voice message on 0208 123 5877 or Skype ID answermethis or an email to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com.

See you next Thursday for Episode 143, and on the preceding Tuesday for Episode Two of Great British Questions, starring Tower Bridge, James Bond’s big dome, and the Flintstones’ car. YES. Contain your excitement, please; you’ll damage yourselves!


Helen and Olly

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8 Responses to “EPISODE 142 – Ghandi levels of self-restraint”

  1. James Goacher Says:

    In my formative years (early 60’s) I was apprenticed to an ex-teddy boy (late 50’s) who told me that the best way to punch someone in a fight was with the inside of the clanched fist. Then there was no damage to the knuckles.


  2. Goodyc2c Says:

    So do you get any kick back off the app? Seems like a good way to donate if you do…

  3. Charlie the Wanghouse Says:

    FFS AMT TEAM! You’ve already dealt with the johnny pocket problem in a previous episode. Martin kept his keys there.

  4. Seric Says:

    A zippo fits perfectly in the ‘condom pocket’

  5. Andrew from Southampton Says:

    It’s downloaded perfectly through iTunes on my computer. Try again, and try downloading some other podcasts to see if they work, and if you’re still having trouble something may be wrong with your computer, but I can’t say for sure – I’m certainly no expert!

  6. catherinehirst Says:

    Unless there’s something wrong with my computer (entirely possible) there’s something wrong with the episode – it’s not downloading from iTunes. Just a heads up!

    • Ryan Says:

      Yeah, I would say try again; maybe delete AMT completely (*gasp*) and then re-download again; although by now you’ve probably sorted everything out by now!

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