best man (well, best of three)


** Click here for Episode 142 **

Nearly a year has passed since we gave advice to Ahmed from Leicester, but at last we’ve heard the outcome:

Hi! Way back in episode 108, you helped me decide if I should let my flaky friend Rav be joint best man at my wedding.

Well, I’m pleased to let you know that I got married a couple of weeks ago and Rav did his job admirably! I think that his public humiliation made him step up his game a notch, and “New Rav” has been (relatively) reliable ever since.

I did, however, start my speech by thanking “My best men – Darren, Joe and to a lesser extent Rav”, which everyone in on the joke enjoyed.

A person redeemed, a friendship saved, and a happy ending at a wedding! How pleasing.

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