EPISODE 135 – peace babies


Hello little chums,

It’s all very unsettling, this regime change and Conservacrat coalitions and so on; so let’s stick with things that are comforting and familiar. Corduroy, say, or those sweetie prawns you only get as part of pick’n’mix, or the face of Richard Madeley. All that and more things which aren’t the sour tang of political discomfort in Answer Me This! Episode 135:

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Within we speak of:

the Dyson fan
gummy bears
onion cocaine
irresponsible science teachers
concentrated pigments
Mike Patton’s travel wash
Common’s dry hands
Daphne and Celeste
survival vs. the Red Hot Chili Peppers
the Whigs
Gideon Sundback
the mischief of tailors
Katie Melua
Hot Pittites.

Plus: Olly hates jelly babies despite their brilliant capacity for mischief; Helen finds an unlikely way for widowers to assuage their grief; and Martin the Sound Man violates Olly at the Sony Awards. Cheeky chappie. You can see and hear him being much better behaved on this educational video and the Bright Club podcast.

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See you next Thursday!

Helen and Olly

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4 Responses to “EPISODE 135 – peace babies”

  1. Danny from Doha Says:

    Alright, so you talked about air dropping Jelly Babies into Afghanistan, I’m pretty sure one of you mentioned about Jelly Babies have gelatine. And obviously, Gelatine has Pork in it, which is not Halal. So if you did airdrop Jelly Babies into Afghanistan, You would ultimately piss off the entire Afghani population.

    And another Halal themed answer is about the Filet-o-Fish. Many Muslims eat Filet-o-Fish because the McMystery Burgers are not Halal.

    So yeah, two Halal points I thought I’d let ya know. 😉

  2. Ryan Says:

    I am so glad I discovered this podcast! It’s simply amazing! Random related fact – I like salad cream with lettuce!

  3. madhatter Says:

    Ah yes the salad cream conversation may well be my favourite bit of middle class snobbery of the year and it’s only May. I may be paraphrasing but this is what I got from ollie’s attitude “salad cream is mayonnaise for poor people that’s filled with chemicals and tastes like shit”

    It may only be me but it seemed like a bit of jaw dropping arrogance that you rarely hear these days maybe the Tory resurgence is having an influence already. Thats what I’m going with anyway as I plan to spend the next five years blaming the tories for everything.

    Can someone answer me this? where has the phrase “love the show steve” come from? It’s a cultural reference that has passed me by somewhere.

  4. Moz Says:


    Firstly (a bit late) congratulations to Hellen & Martin. and congratulations on the silver (Although anyone winning a silver award always reminds me of the Jerry Seinfeld comedy ‘bit’ about the silver medal. A link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK9rbwM3omA ).

    And well done on a great episode 135!!! I laughed lots. Especially the Three Colours Red reference. Never would i think they would be in anyones subconsious to get a mention. Any chance of reminisences of watching other ‘great’ bands from the era? Dark Star? Midget? Bennet? No? just me then….

    Anyways, Salad Cream is awesome! Dont be dissing the BEST condiment for any nutritional needs. You can have it with almost ANYTHING. Although im not as bad as i used to be when i was a wee nipper. Apparently, whein i was a young child, i wouldnt eat anything without it. And, according to my parents, my favourite ‘meal’ was weetabix with salad cream.

    And i wonder why im slightly portly now..

    er….love the show steve?

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