keys in cakes


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Last week Olly feigned surprise at the trope of files being baked into cakes to enable prison escapes. Sarah in Oklahoma ripostes:

You need to watch more cartoons, Olly! While Bugs doesn’t have a cake with a file he does have a pickaxe and map disguised as a loaf of bread.

Evidently Olly not only needs to watch more cartoons, but also brush up on his Irish history, as observed by Stephen:

The controversial Irish politician Eamonn De Valera escaped from Lincoln Jail using a key smuggled in in a cake.

Thanks Sarah and Stephen! So we’ve now got pickaxes, map-bread and key-cakes, but still no files in cakes. Come on people, anyone know of one? Tell us in the comments! Alternatively you can tell us about the many ridiculous things you’ve tried to smuggle into prisons at one stage or another, but we don’t want anyone to get into trouble.

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4 Responses to “keys in cakes”

  1. Anna Says:

    Help! I want to go to Martin’s new podcast, but I can’t understand what it’s called (sorry my American accent is tripping me up!). I tried typing in Bright Cast, and Brite Cast, and variations thereof, with no results. What is it actually called?

  2. Zoe Fell Says:

    I got the new podcast super early today!

    And in terms of the ‘Screaming Jelly Babies’? If you put them in something like Potassium Chlorate, the sugar oxidises, causing a screaming/whistling sound. We did it all the time in AS Chemistry. That might have been why I failed.

    Here’s a video of it for you to look at:

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