EPISODE 114 – a top hat full of goose feathers


What the Jazzy Jeff is going on with Answer Me This! Episode 114? It’s all full of SPORT! Bloody sport! Golf, boxing, Formula 1 AND the Cinnamon Challenge. We feel like traitors to our own podcast.

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Thankfully, there’s less jocktacular business too, such as:

scurvy (again)
bridge rolls
Helge Rubinstein
Napoleon Dynamite
Acton bowling alley
Johnny Ball Reveals All
butter vs. Banoffee Pie
Sean Kingston vs. Sean Paul
D.H. Lawrence
James McAvoy
the band Clock.

Plus: Olly suggests Angelina Jolie is ‘a bloke with tits, really’ AND manages to compare Cheryl Cole to a golf ball; Helen hopes that Auntie Tarantula isn’t listening to this episode; and Martin the Sound Man breaks the embargo on talking about balls, earning him 14 hours on the naughty step. Will he never learn?

Unfortunately Episode 115 will be out one day late next week; but if you need something to tide you over Thursday, perhaps this tract upon the benefits of dimples to the trajectory of golf balls, this will help. (I’m sure you’ll understand why we kept it brief in the podcast – laminar flow diagrams don’t come across so well in audio.) And you can help tide us over with YOUR QUESTIONS: email them to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com or leave a voicemail on Skype ID answermethis or the question line 0208 123 5877.

See you next Friday!

Helen and Olly

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4 Responses to “EPISODE 114 – a top hat full of goose feathers”

  1. Jack from Glasgow Says:

    On the note of odd names for family, my brother and I have called our mother “La Befana” around Christmas for about 10 years because her birthday lands just before La Befana the Christmas witch visits Italian children 🙂

  2. Charlie the Wanghouse Says:

    My grandfather used to refer to his brother-in-law as the Incredible Bullshitting Man.

  3. Partha Says:

    The Chinese Whispers/It’s all Greek to me thing reminds me of this graph (of stereotypical incomprehensibility) http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=1024

  4. Jack from Glasgow Says:

    I know it’s a typo but I really enjoy the idea that James McEvoy is James McAvoy’s out of work impersonator. Like Ben Stiller pretending to be Tom Cruise.

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