A thimble of sweet sherry


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Here’s a question from Sarah:

I’m hoping that you guys are booze connoisseurs…

Sarah has evidently not heard the episode in which the AMT! Team’s favourite grown-up drink is a mug of hot Ribena with brandy.

…because I need some help. In a couple weeks my friend is turning 17, and she’s never had anything other than church wine [LAME], so my best friend Tyler and I are planning on getting her mildly trashed.

Tyler and I aren’t sure what to give her that won’t feel like a kick in the face when she wakes up the next morning. Tyler drinks vodka straight and I got drunk for the first time at new year in Edinburgh and nearly died, so our first drinking experiences aren’t helping us out.

What can we buy that’s fun, tastes okay [enough so that it wont scare her away from drinking forever], but will get the job done?

Obviously we cannot answer this question because underage drinking is of course ILLEGAL. But if you have a suggestion for what refreshment the young lady might enjoy in a year’s time, then please put it in a comment below!

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17 Responses to “A thimble of sweet sherry”

  1. Beer Says:

    Wow, nice read man. Thanks for sharing! However I’m having trouble with ur rss feed. Does anyone else have problems with the rss?

  2. Hannah Says:

    vodka and fanta fruit twist.. or peach schnapps and lemonade.. mmm. smirnoff ice is good cos you don’t notice your getting drunk. WKD irn bru is disgusting! and stay away from maddog 😛

  3. Catherine from London Says:

    I’m only 16 so I’m rubbbish at drinking but my best drink session was when I combined Rose mixed with J20, it was bloody lovely!

  4. greg Says:

    something with not too much of an acquired taste, but remember if you get absolutely horribly smashed on something it can put you off for life (ugghh guineess and sherry) so limit what there is so you dont get stupidly drunk

    i’d avoid alchopops because of the ridiculous amount of sugar, caffine and e numbers alongside the booze make the hangover that much worse.

    gin and orange juice is always a classic, the orange takes the edge off the gin and the alchohol in a way that vodka and orange doesnt. but cause of that it can be a bit deadly if you dont take note of what you are drinking

  5. Camden Says:


  6. Nina from Brittany Says:

    Punch. Or something equally sweet.

  7. Nigel from Dorset Says:

    May I suggest the newish alcoholic beverage “Crabbies alcoholic Ginger Beer” weighing in at 4% ABV (alcohol content) it is as potent as a decent pint of beer, but tastes just like ginger beer, a couple of bottles of that and she should be quite merry….

  8. Paul from Stockport Says:

    I would steer your friend away from the homemade cocktails. Alcopop bottles are probably your safest bet – just get a bunch of them and you have a primative “wine taste” session. The benefit of doing this is that the amount of alcohol in each bottle is regulated so you’re more likely to get fed up of the sickly sweetness of the beverage before you hit alcohol poisoning territory. If you’re new to it and getting a bit carried away, after a few your pouring hand is going to be a little unconcerned with weights and measures. Have fun!

  9. Rich Says:

    Underage drinking is illegal and shouldn’t be encouraged – so how about a wine enema? Introducing alcohol directly to the colon bypasses all those pesky organs which slow down the process and gets it straight into the bloodstream. Maybe a nice Alsace Gewurztraminer would be a good starting point?


    Bacardi Breezers it is then!

  10. Charlie the Wanghouse Says:

    Jagermeister and coke. Smirnof ice. Wkd. Vodka and red bull. No lager

  11. Neil Says:

    Thunderbird and 20 20 worked for me!

  12. Alex from Hertz Says:

    Southern comfort and coke is alright. Also, cider.

  13. Seric Says:

    Vodka & softdrinks/fruit juice is a good bet. Alcopops can be fine too for…’inexperianced drinkers’ but are generally a bit rubbish taste wise. If you’re feeling a wealthy cocktails such as white russians will do the trick nicely. Rosé as mentioned before could work just fine, depending on what you get, if you go down that route, get a nice rosé like white zinfandal or something. I’d say Adam from Macclesfield’s solution is the cheapest and easiest/best so far however.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Alcopops OBVIOUSLY, get your friend drunk on wkd or something similar.

  15. Adam from Macclesfield Says:

    First drinking alcohol can be quite intense. So mixing spirits with soft drinks is the best way to do it. Start with subtle amounts of vodka into some form of coke, lemonade or fizzy vimto, then as she drinks more add make the alcohol to soft drink ratio higher.

  16. Matt from Kent Says:

    im to young to drink so i don’t quite know but i know that Rose (there’s an accent on the “e” i think) is very popular and if you have enough of it then you will get drunk but still have a good time.

    Matt from Kent

  17. Laurence from York Says:

    I went to a “cocktail” party the other night and can highly reccomend pouring shit loads of vodka into a glass and then any combination of soft drinks/juice etc. ‘Cause you can vary he amount of vodka and it doesn’t taste like death. Happy drinking!

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