EPISODE 375: purgatoy-y


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Brace yourselves to witness a crushing defeat: in Answer Me This! Episode 375, Helen is stumped by a question. What could be the topic to outwit her and her googling powers? Must be something pretty major, right?


We also consider:

microwaveable eggs benedict
spaghetti bolognese crisps
online scratchcards
political pincushions
lucky tomatoes
Sherlock Holmes’s cocaine habit
Vin Mariani
the Blue Peter appeal vs Kickstarter
Emma‘s maybe murder vs Drew in Neighbours
noses vs penises
dryer balls vs drier balls
Future Probe
cleaning a sieve.

This month’s Bonus Bit of Crap on the App – available for iPadPhones, Android and Windows devices – is a quick update on the Zaltzparents’ microwave situation. It’s hot stuff! Literally.

In The Modern Mann, Olly’s learning how to bust a fake psychic; in the Allusionist, there’s the surprising history of the word bisexual; and Martin the Sound Man’s 2018 diary of songs The Year of the Bird has reached the point where he’s relieved Helen didn’t die last year.

Helen and Martin will also be on at the London Podcast Festival, performing the new live Allusionist show No Title on 14 September and, earlier that day, a recording of the film podcast 90 Minutes or Less, including a screening of a film! Ticket links for all the fixtures are at theallusionist.org/events

This episode is sponsored by Squarespace, with which you can easily and quickly set up a good-looking website for your projects eg your Oscar-nominated documentary. Visit squarespace.com/answer and get 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain with the discount code ‘answer‘.

As ever, we want your QUESTIONS: send them, in writing or as voice recordings, to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com.

Be our interfriend at twitter.com/HelenAndOlly and facebook.com/answermethis.

We’ll be back with AMT376 on 1 August, and there’ll be a Retro AMT episode in your feeds on 18 July.

Helen & Olly

••• AMT375 Child-Friendly Rating: 48% . Several swears. A discussion of erections. •••


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4 Responses to “EPISODE 375: purgatoy-y”

  1. Willow Meline Says:

    Hey Olly

    Hot patenting tip for getting rid of kids toys on the sly.
    Make sure that the toy doesn’t feature in any photo they might come across in the future, cause if they see it, they will remember it, decide that they love it and hunt for it in the attic (and require you to help them) for years.
    Good luck

  2. Tia MacCornack Says:

    My favorite cleaning tool is my waterpik. Fill it with hot water and VOILA! I Just cleaned my wedding ring 😊

  3. twinstars Says:

    As a Sherlock Holmes nerd I have to quibble with your reasons why he takes cocaine. It’s clear in Conan Doyle’s stories that he does it out of boredom to occupy his mind when he has no cases, not in order to think his cases through. For that he uses tobacco (as in a “three pipe problem”). It’s also clear that Watson recognizes the potential detriment to Holmes’ health that could come from recreational drugs (not including the tobacco). His manic behavior during investigations seems to be natural to his personality rather than drug-fueled.

    I’ve thrown a bunch of excerpts from the original texts into an Evernote for anyone who’s curious: https://www.evernote.com/l/AaY03cg7Xf5K5pz2u2ECmqXLaA6L5YjRfhg

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