legs ahoy



Of all the adult websites in all the world, Barry from Melbourne stumbled upon this one:

Would you tell a friend’s wife if you found pictures of her naked, on an adult amateur website?

I am not just talking sexy lingerie shots, this is full legs ahoy stuff?

It would be a rather great coincidence if the wife just happened to raise her legs in the ahoy position by accident, at a moment when, unbeknownst to her, a camera shutter just happened to be closing. Is it not rather possible, nay likely, that she is complicit in the creation and distribution of these pictures? Or at least, not so unaware of their existence and destination that she would require you to illuminate her?

The real question is:

Do you want your friend’s wife to know that you know what she looks like when doing the YMCA dance with her legs?

Friends, step into the comments and assist Barry with some soothing, sensible words. He seems a little frazzled. That’s what too much time perusing the internet will do to a mind.


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8 Responses to “legs ahoy”

  1. Amy Says:

    The likelihood is that at some point you’re going to get really pissed and either blurt it out to her in an inappropriate manner or, even worse, tell him. Best bet is to tell her you know and that if you can find it, it’s going to be easy for others to stumble across it. Get her to tell him and discuss it so it’s less of a shocker when his dad finds it and tells him…

  2. britishboondog Says:

    Link or GTFO. #standard

  3. Dougie Partridge Says:

    This happened to my flat mate at university. You may remember a channel 4 programme called my phone Sex secrets. When it was aired my current girlfriend and i say down to watch and on screen appeared a girl my flatmate had been…socialising with. It then went viral around uni and some rather hardcore video and pictures emerged off a site she has on a similar site which she had made with a 45 year old. (She was 18) my flatmate was working abroad at the time so we decided to tell him straight away as we knew eventually he would read it on social media. In this case we thought it would be better to tell him first than let him find out….she was rank anyway. And as it turns out a kinky fucker..::.

  4. Joseph Says:

    If they’re from before they met, tell her you know and chuckle wryly about it with a “your secret’s safe with me!”. If they’re from *since* they hooked up, tell him with a “sorry mate, but….”

  5. Martin Says:

    She’s not going to shag you if you tell her. Just in case that’s what you were thinking.

  6. Bradley Fish Says:

    Yes you should tell her that you’ve not only seen them, you’ve masturbated furiously to them as well

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