tedious Toronto



You’ll recall Paul (rhymes!) from AMT240, who wanted to boss his family into going on holiday to his choice of Toronto rather than their choice of Vancouver.

We’ve heard some gently persuasive arguments from Canada-dwellers so far, but Tony from Toronto is unequivocal:

With regards to Paul’s desire to visit Toronto over Vancouver with his family, I’m going to make this easy for him: don’t be a fuckin’ idiot, Paul! I’ve lived in Toronto all my life and I can’t think of a duller place to visit. Okay, maybe Cleveland Ohio would be duller, but not by much.

Don’t get me wrong, as a place to live Toronto is pretty great. I won’t get into all the reasons it’s a nice place to live because they’re not relevant to this discussion; but as a place to visit? Please. Any historical buildings we might have had, we’ve torn down and replaced with completely uninspired glass and steel boxes. We have a museum and an art gallery which are mediocre by world standards and a transit system which we forgot to finish. And if you dislike the heat, you have definitely chosen the wrong town – Toronto in July is stinking hot and humid.

Vancouver on the other hand…is also dull. But at least it’s not as humid in the summertime. Topographically speaking it’s beautiful, but the city itself is a bore and its inhabitants are all smug, vegan hippies. Kill me now. The best thing about Vancouver is the countryside surrounding Vancouver.

Go to Moscow…not that I’ve ever been there mind you, but at least it’s got some history and some gorgeous architecture.

If you have to go to a Canadian city, go to Montreal. It’s beautiful and historic, and fun.

Hope you haven’t already booked your flights, Paul.


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  1. Isaac Dixon Says:

    While Vancouver is still a young city, it has a variety of attractions and points of interest for the visitor. Many of the city’s landmarks and historical buildings can be found downtown. Canada Place, with its distinctive sails, the Vancouver Convention Centre located just beside it, the intricate Art Deco styling of the Marine Building and the old luxury railway hotel of the Hotel Vancouver are in the central business district . Stanley Park (the city’s most popular attraction), along with its neighbouring Coal Harbour walkway and the Vancouver Aquarium are in the West End and Gastown , the original town site of Vancouver, has a number of restored buildings and its steam clock is a popular spot to visit. Modern architecture worth visiting also includes Shangri-La, currently the tallest building in the city, and the Sheraton Wall Centre. Another popular city landmark, the bustling markets and shops of Granville Island, is just to the south of downtown in South Granville .

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