commemorative Cohen



Someone might as well benefit from a sad situation, but Mark in Portland, Oregon‘s conscience is piquing him:

When we saw that Leonard Cohen was coming to Portland, we were excited. Then we saw that tickets were over $120 each! I’m sure this is his last tour and I was sad not to be going.

Then a few weeks ago, my friend told me that his mother had tickets to the show, but she had died unexpectedly and wanted us to have her tickets. We are at once embarrassed and grateful for this awkward opportunity.

We want to honor my best friend’s mom somehow, so we feel like we aren’t just somehow benefitting from a wonderful person’s death.

So, answer me this: what should we do to enjoy the show without feeling like total assholes?

Ask your friend whether there was a good cause which was particularly dear to his mother and donate the equivalent ticket money to them, or to a charity whose mission is to prevent whatever caused her unexpected death. Also check whether you can be any help to your friend in sorting out her estate – to take some of the weight off his shoulders, not just so you can rifle through her collection of Leonard Cohen records.


One Response to “commemorative Cohen”

  1. Martin Says:

    Wear t-shirts with her face on them as a tribute.

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