EPISODE 220 – I’m with the Tithead party


As AMT devotees, you know that we don’t shy away from the most serious questions the human mind can concoct. Remember AMT198 last year, when we boldly tackled “What makes a pie a pie?” Today, in Answer Me This! Episode 220, we broach another foodstuff with an identity crisis – salad:

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Seriously though, how can this and this and this and this be even nominally related? Pffft.

Anyway, tossed into the conversational salad this week are:

facts about Eugene, Oregon
Hamlet, the Madonna of his time
Madonna, the sexual bully of her time
alternating current vs. direct current
dentist chair vs. electric chair
Natalie Portman Hershlag
French Freemasons
William Kemmler
Pizza Express
rainbow parties
Rory Gallagher’s guitar
Spin the Bottle.

Plus: Olly impresses the ladies with his great big throbbing veins; Helen discovers that Thomas Edison was a right cnut; and Martin the Sound Man plays coy about his age. Don’t worry Martin, you don’t look a day under 55.

This week’s Bit of Crap on the App is more crap-related than usual, as it features a question from Stephy from Bristol about the point of patterned toilet paper. Along the way we learn upon what Simon Cowell and the Queen probably wipe their bottoms. The rich educational resource that is the Answer Me This! app is available for iDevices or Android, you’ll be relieved to know. Relieved. Ho ho ho.

Enough japery for one week; but if you want to listen to more of our japery next week, you are obliged to send us a QUESTION: emails go to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com, voicemails to the Question Line (dial 0208 123 5877 or Skype answermethis).

See you next Thursday,

Helen & Olly


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7 Responses to “EPISODE 220 – I’m with the Tithead party”

  1. Reema Bazzy Says:

    As to the corrosive nature of sweat, my father was able to cure warts with his. Yes, it’s true. 🙂 Although that’s perhaps less corrosion as it is anti-viral?

  2. Eleanor McD Says:

    One of Jodi Picolt’s books is based around a rainbow party, The Tenth Circle. It’s been around a while.

  3. Timothy Swann (@tetrarchangel) Says:

    Damn, I got beat to the Rainbow Parties are an urban legend post. I am going to stage one now just to make them real and spite you, Richard.

  4. Stuart Says:

    There are a couple of female masons down my road.

    …oh hang on, sorry, they’re maisonettes

  5. Nicholas Says:

    Your example salads are connected in that they all have a creamy or oily “dressing.” The band is probably named for the oily teenage forehead, or perhaps some creamy sexual innuendo. If my theory is correct and a salad is a salad because of a cream, oil and or vinegar based dressing that unites the dish, let us forsake the health conscious prigs who think a dry salad is still a salad and not a bowl of vegetables.

  6. Dick Says:

    No. No. No. Straight people, you may not have your rainbow back. If anyone is going to paint themselves and act a proper whore it’s going to be a bona fide gay man. Thank you AMT for helping me plan my next birthday party! (You all can come if you like.)

  7. Richard Says:

    Rainbow parties are a popular urban legend.


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