EPISODE 167 – like Oprah with bad breath


MISSING: 35-year-old man, answers to the name ‘Nelly’. Last seen wearing a backwards cap and a T-shirt 5 sizes too big for him. If anyone has information leading to the safe return of Nelly, please call 0800-555-RECENTWORKDIDNOTMAKEANIMPACTINTHEUKCHARTS.

Then, while you wait anxiously for news, listen to Answer Me This! Episode 167:

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It’s not just Nelly missing. Where’s Wally? Where’s Waldo? Where’s Walter? It’s an epidemic of missing men… But not missing podcast-topics, which this week include:

electoral register unfairness
fake tan lines
John Krasinski
Martin Handford
Lake Havasu City
TK Maxx vs. TJ Maxx
Walkers Crisps vs. the American War of Independence
the kingdom of Mercia vs. the kingdom of Wessex
Roger Federer vs. William Tell
Harry Potter vs. Queen Victoria
inappropriate poetry corner
passive-aggressive chairs
the wrong London Bridge
the Ponte Vecchio
Mark Foster (whoooooo?).

Plus: Olly touches himself up – just in Photoshop, of course; Helen enjoys her own smutty courtroom drama; and Martin the Sound Man tells you what is cool – this is. So that’s 70s revival and spindly bridges on the style list for spring/summer 2011, OK?

This week’s Bit of Crap on the App (available for iPhone or Android) is a question from Ken in Brooklyn about the pickelhaube, one of the few headgear-styles yet to be revived by hipsters. Give them a few more weeks.

Now rack your brains for QUESTIONS, then send them to us in voicemail form to the Question Line (dial 0208 123 5877 or findanswermethis on Skype) or as emails to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com. Then we can weave more podcasts out of them. Score!

See you next week,

Helen & Olly

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11 Responses to “EPISODE 167 – like Oprah with bad breath”

  1. Sam Says:

    The most famous Belgian is obviously Herman von Rompuy, lion of the European Union.

    FDR seems like he might be a quite famous American, since he was president forever and during WWII to boot.

  2. Edwin Says:

    Famous people from Belgium? Sadly, for many Americans, Belgium is not a real place and the most famous Swiss person is Mr. Nestle! Most famous American? More likely an athlete, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, or most likely, Muhammad Ali

  3. Tony Says:

    And far be it from me to defend Nelly, but he’s still recording and touring as much as ever over here in the States. Think of him as kind of an American hip-hop Cliff Richard. (Or — someone more current than that. Westlife? Oh, I don’t know.)

  4. Tony Says:

    I came here to mention the Muscles From Brussels as well.

    Thinking about the most famous American … Elvis is a pretty good one. Not Madonna; her influence is already fading.

    What about Ernie & Bert from Sesame Street? I know that individual countries put in some of their own local bits, but the main characters stay in, don’t they? (I’d go with Elmo, but Ernie & Bert have a 30 year head start on him.)

    Just a thought.

  5. brigade Says:

    The book jingle is soooo inciting it made me seriously consider buying the book.
    Also, Wally in Danish is Holger.” Where’s Wally?” = “Hvor er Holger?” (so no real alliteration there).

  6. David Wiley Says:

    Most famous Belgian? Audrey Hepburn.

    • helenzaltzman Says:

      I don’t think she counts: she was only born in Belgium, but had British nationality and was largely raised in Netherlands. My mum was born in the USA but is defo not American!

  7. Gill Says:

    In france, they don’t bother with alliteration, Wally is Charlie, so where’s Wally becomes ou est Charlie – please, please could Olly read this out so I can hear his french accent again?

  8. Peter in Chicago Says:

    I would nominate Victoria Elsner-Ott as the most famous Swiss person. Although not famous herself, the company named after her, Victorinox, is well-known for making pocket knifes known as the Original Swiss Army Knife.


    Not to be confused with Wenger, maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife.


    If you allow fictitious characters, I would nominate Frankenstein, however there is a catch, which may disqualify him. The name Frankenstein is well-known, but many people associate it with the monster, not with Victor Frankenstein. The monster is certainly famous, but I’m not sure if he (I do recall the monster’s gender as male.) was brought to life in Ingolstadt, making him German, or in Switzerland.

  9. Eckhard Says:

    The most famous Belgian is Jacques Brel!

    • Chris Says:

      Loads of famous Belgians. How about Rene Magritte, Herge, Georges Simenon? Not to mention the mighty JC Van Damme!

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