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** Click here for Episode 167 **

Here’s some feedback from unimpeachably chivalrous Luke from Stockport:

In response to the ‘nude-pictures-of-a-friend’ topic in episode 167:

My best female friends sent pictures of them in underwear to their boyfriends, and I decided to be trusting and didn’t look at it, even when it was shoved in my face by everybody who had it on their phones due to the boyfriends being dickheads.

To advise you, this had no benefits, they didn’t give a shit, so bonk off to the pictures before your friend finds them and tells you to delete them.

It’s like that adage, ‘regret the things you did do, not the things you didn’t’, isn’t it? Or is it like that adage, ‘keep your friends close, but not close enough to beat off over them’? It’s so hard to pick the right adage in a sticky situation.

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