weekend Welsh womance


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Seeing as it’s Valentine’s week (ie: heart-shaped boxes of Ferrero Rocher are now heavily discounted in the shops! Why are you still here??? Go, go!), let’s continue this run of romantical questions and consider the following missive from Nathan:

A while ago, my partner got a research job at Cardiff university. I decided not to leave my current job in Manchester until I had a job to go to in my specialist area – renewable energy engineering. However, it’s been six months now, and I’m getting really sick of doing the alternate-weekend thing.

So should I:

A) Leave where I am, and continue the job-search while wearing pyjamas in a front room in Cardiff?

B) Try to forget I spent all that time getting a masters degree and take a job calculating car insurance rates or something?

C) Keep job-searching in the evenings after work, and try to learn to love the sandwiches in Crewe train station?

I can’t vouch for Cardiff, car insurance rate calculation, or Crewe comestibles, so readers, I turn to you. Should Nathan move 200 miles for love, or keep the job and commute fortnightly? Go forth and decide whether the future of his relationship and career is to be A, B or C. Or even option D, if you think of one.

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3 Responses to “weekend Welsh womance”

  1. Jennie Says:

    I’m doing a PhD at Cardiff Uni and I can tell you now mate that your fancy science masters will do you no good here. There are hardly ever jobs coming up and when they do about two thirds of the Welsh population apply for them. Your girlfriend must be a Nobel prize winner or something! I’d be looking in commutable towns as well – Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, Gloucester…. I’d add Swansea to that list but there’s really not much point unless that career in car insurance suddenly becomes inviting. Basically, you know how everywhere’s fucked job-wise? Well imagine that the UK economy continues along its current path for about 20 years. The desolate, tumbleweed filled offices and empty factories that you’re picturing are what Wales looks like now. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news – good luck!

  2. Sam Says:

    i did the whole travelling thing, I lived in Herefordshire, my partner Adam in Manchester and like you got sick of it! I took the plunge 3 months ago and moved all my stuff and my cat 157 miles north to be with him and I’m now not spending half my life missing him, on trains for hours and spending a fortune and instead am happy and in a better job than I had previous, so I’m gonna go for apply for as many jobs as possible and as soon as you get an offer get the moving plans ( and vans ) wheels in motion ! 🙂

  3. Andy Says:

    I understand where you’re coming from. My partner is Chester and I’m in London and have been doing the weekend thing for nearly 2 years. We both are in the jobs of our dreams, (yes we actually both really enjoy them!) and can’t find anything similar in the others locale. I’d vote C, the others aren’t doing yourself justice, it may lead to regrets and subconcious resentment of the missus. Then you may end up split up and with out the job… bummer!
    The sandwiches in Crewe aren’t THAT bad (try the mozzarella & cured ham!) and I’m there every other sunday about 5pm… maybe see you in Upper Crust sometime 😉

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