EPISODE 159 – the great monkfish holocaust of 1986


Hello dears,

Remember a few days ago, when Britain was still capable of having conversations about things that aren’t SNOW? Me neither, but SNOW-free Episode 159 is a throwback to those clement times:

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Topics on this week’s crib-sheet include:


litigious Times New Roman
Shetland ponies
the Mildenhall treasure
Jacob’s Ladder
the Crusades
zebra piss
flattering spectacles
Kramer vs. Kramer
the BBC vs. Boston Business Computing
laser eye surgery vs. A Clockwork Orange
Las Vegas vs. Trafalgar Square
pet griffins
the Crystal Palace water-towers
the penalty for banging Prince Philip
Stanmore the Monkfish
the MGM lion
Martin the Sound Man’s favourite fountain.

Plus: Olly salves his wounds from losing last week’s Queen’s Speech debate by triumphing in his other specialist subject: Macaulay Culkin’s uncredited early work; tedious stories thwart Helen’s attempts to compose the Zaltzman family tree; and Martin will sort out your myopia for a fiver and a bucket of chicken wings, no questions asked. Also, this week’s Bit of Crap on the App describes an inappropriate use for a lovely dollshouse (clue: it’s not this).

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SNOWver and out!

Helen and Olly

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9 Responses to “EPISODE 159 – the great monkfish holocaust of 1986”

  1. Jonny from Liverpool Says:

    There are 3 films that I saw under the age of 10 that scared the shit out of me and 1 in particular that still has a profound effect.

    1st is Alien. I saw the chest bursting scene when I was about 8. Simply put, I was fucking terrified that was going to happen to me.

    I saw the 2nd half of Poltergeist when I was about 6 or 7, and the moment when the Poltergeist jumps out the cupboard at the end made me afraid to walk past the cupboard at the top of my stairs for about a year. I used to have to run past it cos I was so scared.

    But the film that has caused the most disruption to my 20 years on this planet is Arachnophobia. Unsurprisingly, seeing that at round 6 or 7 caused me to develop severe arachnaphobia. I scream like a little bitch if I see even the tiniest spider today. I’m getting a shiver up my spine even thinking about that film.

    I think I had a very irresponsible mum.

  2. tom from bath Says:

    IT is the funny is film that I have ever seen. How can you not love that film.

    i love answer me this. I love all of you

  3. Jessica Says:

    The Exorcist. I’ve only seen it once and I will never see it again.

  4. Julia Says:

    Sleeping with the Enemy did freak me out at one stage and can’t listen to that Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique without getting a chill! A friend was really scared by the having the tins with all the labels facing out thing and we successfully managed to scare her by doing this to all her tins (of which there were many – she was a crap cook) while she was out of the room…

  5. Eliot from WREXHAM. Says:

    When I was about 12 (I think), I was flicking through TV in my room, late at night, and I flicked onto FIVE, and Scream 2 was on. I watched a bit of it, and it fucked my childhood paranoia up for about 3 years. It was the scene on the campus where the guy’s walking around, talking to the killer on the phone, and is pulled into a van and stabbed to death, and those guys with the boombox walk past, drowning out his screams. Seriously, I have never been so scared. I couldn’t sleep properly for ages, thinking if I wasn’t alert, the killer would kill me in my bed. And everytime the phone rang, for a split second, I would always worry it was him.


  6. D Says:

    There’s a short horror film from New Zealand called The French Windows. I saw it at just the right level of sleep deprived and felt genuinely unnerved, your mileage may vary.

    Here’s a link to it:


  7. Zac Says:


  8. Anne Says:

    Re: laser eye surgery for perfect-sighted people…. even though I follow golf not at all, I’ve heard this thing that Tiger Woods got laser eye surgery to have better than 20/20 vision, and wondered whether it was true (people always speculate about whether this is equivalent to steroid use)… sounds like it must be just urban legend from what you guys were saying…?

  9. Alice from London Says:

    Olly, I was scared of the MGM lion too!! I had to hide behind the sofa at the start of Tom and Jerry and not come out until my mum promised me it had gone.

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